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  1. Administration

    1. Welcome to the Grandparents.com Community!

      The FAQ & some ground rules so everyone can have a fun, safe, and productive experience.

  2. Family Matters

    1. Empty Nest No Longer

      With the stressed economy, and for other reasons too, many parents are finding that their adult children are needing to come back to the elders' homes. Others are dealing with custody issues of grandchildren and children divorcing and needing help. If this is something you're experiencing, come share and give and get support from other in the same boat.

    2. Grandparents Unplugged

      This is a place for grandparents to ask questions or make statements and receive answers and replies from a variety of people. Posters on this board are other grandparents, daughters-in-law, mothers-in-law and those who want to gain a greater understanding of how the 'other folks' feel. You can share what's on your mind, but understand that it's not just grandparents in the room most of the time. I hope that ALL can share their thoughts, feelings, questions and answers without rancor or hatefulness.
      LEAD MODERATORS: Mame925

    3. Grandparents without Grandchildren

      This group is created for grandparents living without their grandchildren. Maybe you have been denied visitation, or maybe you are ill and your child wants to keep your grandchildren away from that reality. Whatever the reason, you suffer great loss and this group is intended for you to share with others in similar situations your pain, insights and frustrations. It's a place to get emotional or informational support or give it to others.

    4. Mothers-in-Law Anonymous

      Dish, vent or ask for advice about the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship.
      LEAD MODERATORS: RoseRed135, SueSTx, Lilypond, PhalenMum

  3. Food

    1. Grandma's Pantry

      Share your favorite recipes and food ideas, and invite others to join in the discussion. Let's get cooking!

  4. Grandparenting

    1. Grandparenting From Afar

      They say distance makes the heart grow fonder...This group is for grandparents whose grandchildren live far away. Join us to discuss everything grandparenting and topics specific to staying in touch from afar.

    2. Grandparents Caring for Grandkids

      Are you a grandparent (or other relative) caregiver? A parent who relies on family daycare? Whether you're raising your grand(relative)kids, helping to raise them or watching them while the parents go to work or school - or a parent dealing with one of these situations - please come in and share your needs and concerns with us. And if you're anyone else who has ideas and opinions on this topic, please come and join us, as well. Together, let's explore the (often unique) ups and downs, ins and outs, joys and challenges of the GP/relative caregiving situation!
      LEAD MODERATORS: rosered135

    3. New Grandparents

      This group is for new grandparents to share and learn from each about the new experience of grandparenting. Experienced grandparents feel free to join and offer your comments. What are you enjoying the most? What are your concerns? How do you give advice without it being taken the wrong way? How do you feel about babysitting? We can't wait to see your comments.

  5. Health & Wellness

    1. 50 Shades of Blue

      This group is for anyone who is now, or has ever, struggled with depression or any other mental health or illness problem, even if it's just a bad case of the blues. It's a safe place to seek or offer support.

    2. Getting Healthy

      Ask questions and share your health experiences with other members. What works for you when it comes to wellness?

  6. Hobbies

    1. Hobby Corner

      Have a passion project? Whether you're crafting, knitting or making soap and candles, this is the place to talk about it! Share your stories, photos and more with fellow hobbyists.

  7. Just For Fun

    1. General Gabbery

      It's not complicated. This Group is a place to sit and have a cup of coffee and shoot the breeze. Let's solve world problemsgrumble with the grouch we live with, tell jokes and stories, post pictures and brag on our kids and grandkids. Got something on your mind? Post it we'll talk about it.

    2. Club Newcomer

      This is a place for newcomers to introduce themselves and learn more about the various features of the site, especially the different Groups available. It's also a place for current members to come in and help welcome the new ones and help them find their niche(s) among the forums.
      LEAD MODERATORS: rosered135

    3. The Great Debate

      Whether it's formula feeding vs. breast feeding, daycare vs. nanny, or spanking vs. time out, everyone has their opinion. This board is where you can state your piece on hot topics.


    4. Book Club

      Share what you're currently reading and what's on your book shelf with other grandparents.

    5. News & Issues

      Current news and events -- talk about them here.

  8. Love & Relationships

    1. All SINGLE golden girls & guys wanted

      Single grandparenting: WHAT A CHALLENGE and WHAT FUN! We are here for each other.
      LEAD MODERATOR: homeygfunk

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    • Mame925
      What are you watching?
      I took the #2GB to "The Scott Brothers House Party" last night....its The Property Brothers Live...and they were wonderful. Just a couple of overgrown dorky 7th graders who live to torment each other and love what they do. Jonathan put it in a nutshell "we have no shame"... and everything is a competition, part of the fun. Lots of good advice, lots of laughs like they were sitting in your family room...The GB loved it. He laughed so hard. So it was a totally family friendly show. They made an effort to turn away from innuendo or questionable topics. We did the meet & greet after (we sat 5th row center, already a huge treat). The PB is his favorite show, so meeting your idols is almost overwhelming for a shy 10yo...but they are known for their joy in children and made him feel like it was important to them that he was there to see their show. Also, they are every bit as cute up close as they are on TV....#teamjonathan
    • SueSTx
      Family Dynamics
      So, the agreement was made out side of the CPS or family court?  and Nonna has full say in how much you get to visit? I'm so sorry you are having these issues, but it seems nothing short of a family lawyer or court can make a change now.
    • Komorebi
      Vent! Vent! Vent!
      I've heard this story time and again, and each time someone tells their version of it I've such a difficult time believing it .. and yet, it happens .. So many vacations bought and paid for nothing but tons of tension and turmoil .. Why anyone accepts to go that's not on board with the plans offered boggles my mind- Totally looking a gift horse in the mouth .. and then some .. sorry this happened to you folks .. serious bummer ..
    • Lovesarisoomuch
      Family Dynamics
      Yes I was living with the father and grandparents when CPS was called. There were allegations of abuse and neglect but they were unsubstantiated. I got a letter clearing me of those things after the agreement was made and my daughter was safe and healthy and well bonded and cared for. I was using pot to help with my mental issues and lack of sleep. At the time I was not but so mentally stable because the doctors insisted that I was bipolar even though I have never ever felt manic. Being treated for the wrong mental illness is worse than not being treated. CPS claimed that I was self harming but that was proven to be untrue as well. Now I know that I have borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and severe reoccurring depressive disorder without psychotic features. I was never a danger and am now well treated and completely mentally stable. The thing that took the longest was finding a place to live with a room for her when I could barely afford a room for me with roommates. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful that there was someone there to take care of her when I was not as capable as possible. The things that bother me are that this plan was signed before CPS looked into any of the other things for that I was cleared for without prejudice. Also no matter how much I continued to ask to see her more and how well I am doing now I am still denied as much access to her as Nonna possibly can. In fact the better I am able to prove I am doing the worse it gets as to where now that I have a place with a room for her, she is scheduling things during my allowed time with her and refusing to make up the time even though the guardian ad litum said she has to. You are right I am going to have to go through the courts. But my daughter has an attachment disorder from the trauma of losing her father and I and ADHD and is extremely adverse to change. I was hoping to very slowly transition her back into my care by adding an hour here, two hours there sort of thing and I am extremely worried it will add to the trauma if things are changed abruptly. I guess I am wanting advice on how to work with Nonna to make things as smooth for her as possible and also what to tell her about the family dynamics. I would not ever want her to think that it was my choice to leave her but I also don't want her to know that though Nonna has the choice she simply will not let her see me more often. She loves and needs her Nonna and that has been a stable relationship for her. Ahhh so complicated!!
    • LimberlostGirl
      Vent! Vent! Vent!
      My SS is a selfish, controlling, self-centered, self-entitled, ungrateful, supreme sexist jerk and he ruined the family beach vacation.  I booked the 3b/3ba condo 6 months ago after confirming with DIL. They had a large bedroom with two full beds and a sofa sleeper in the living room. DD and GS the small bedroom with a queen bed. SS/family arrived first. He called to tell me that we may not want the master bedroom because it was connected to the balcony and I am afraid of heights and DH may get drunk and fall over. I told him it would be fine.  When DH, DD, GS and I arrived, SS wanted DD/GS room. I said no and he said my arrangements were stupid. DD volunteered to give up her room to keep the peace. It kinda snowballed from there. They were all our guests and we paid for everything except fuel for their cars.      
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