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    • SueSTx
      Are YOU a Longdistance Grandparent?
      Welcome mphotog and congratulations on the birth of your grandson.  First grands are so exciting. When our daughter had her daughter, she asked us to not visit in their home while she was on maternity leave.  She wanted to make the most of her time with the baby before returning to work.  They did visit us most Sunday afternoons though. My DIL and I have a good relationship and even thought it is normal for her to call me a couple of times a week, I wouldn't dream of planning a visit to their home without speaking to her first.  My son might say "that's good, see you Saturday" and she not know anything about it and already have other plans. Many people aren't comfortable with guests in their home...we do need to respect others homes and their wishes.  Even in our very rural community several people have a
      B&B type offering that can be made use of.  Maybe you have to visit less often to afford a motel. As far as pictures of the grands.  I never share them ever...Not my child...not my picture to share.  If I am given a printed picture, I feel free to show it to visiting family members though. As far as your younger son attending college in Arizona...and moving...probably not such a good idea.  We hear from a lot of grandparentss that have moved to be closer to their young grandkids, and often times they regret it sooner rather than later.  What if you do move and then your son and DIL make plans to move again...would you pick up and move also? 
    • PLS21
      Are YOU a Longdistance Grandparent?
      1. You seemed a little dismissive about her taking a day to grieve a loss. Maybe you gave off harsh vibes even though you said you understood. 2."We came to the conclusion that if they posted a photo, then I could share it. " Who is 'we'? Your son and daughter-in-law? Is possible they didn't realize that when you shared a photo that people they didn't know could see the photo? Maybe a good talk to have more clear cut 'rules' is needed rather than just booting you off. 3. You admit that your son wasn't that great about communication before so add in a long distance move + baby would logically mean even more lack of communication even for people who are really great about staying in touch. So obviously not EVERYTHING is on your daughter-in-law, they are probably bust. And many couples now have a "you deal with yours and I'll deal with mine" when it comes to extended family. 4. How does she show that she is 'immature and jealous'? People's actions aren't as clear cut as they may seem. 5. You are assuming she's being controlling. There is a famous saying about assuming things. 6. Not unusual for people to ask relatives to stay in a hotel. Gives the couple some breathing space and can give the visitors some breathing space. Also 4 months away can be hard to plan ahead if there's a lot of unknowns. Would you rather go there without their input and them say "I'm sorry but our week has been planned and we just don't have time to visit with you."? Or them to fully plan when you come so they can be available for most amount of time for you to see everyone? Don't look at it so negatively that they are 'telling you when you can visit', them being able to plan your visit can be very beneficial to you. Further more... if it's your son talking to you it is NOT all on your daughter-in-law. He has to be willing to say/do these things.  Honestly I hate it when mom's of son's say it's all on their daughter-in-law's and their son just goes along with it, it sounds like THEY are saying they raised a weak minded robot. He does CHOOSE to go along this.  I don't think you need to 'teach them a lesson' by falling off the face of the earth. That just sounds immature and you may be completely saddened if they don't react the way you want. It just sounds like your expectations are not being met and you can either discuss it with your son, which he by no means has to fulfill your expectations, or lower expectations to what they are willing to give. Being the easy one is always beneficial. And don't look at everything so negatively as a whole and give equal blame.
    • mphotog
      Are YOU a Longdistance Grandparent?
      I became a Gramma for the 1st time In Nov 2015...my son & his wife moved from WI to AZ while she was pregnant.  I certainly didn't like the thought of being a long-distance Gramma, but I didn't have any choice, of course.  After my grandson was born, I went out there for 1 week to help them & they really really appreciated it.  Then my son's uncle helped pay for them to come out during Christmas.  Then at the end of March I took my teenage son out to them to visit.  It was around this time I started getting bad vibes from my daughter-in-law.  I spent $1000 to get us 2 out there & on the 3rd & last day my DIL took my grandson for the day to another town to "grieve the recent loss of her grandfather".  I was very disappointed & saddened but certainly didn't want to cause any more trouble so I said I understood.   I did have some trouble before that w/ her saying I had to get permission to share any photos of my g-son on Facebook.  But I didn't mind that so much because I understood her experience in law enforcement & the reasons she gave for not wanting her son's photos too much online & "out there"....the things she saw while interning at the US Marshalls was too gruesome to bear.  Apparently, pedophiles get their kicks out of a lot more than we realize. But it's gotten worse & worse.  We came to the conclusion that if they posted a photo, then I could share it.  And that is the only thing I have done the last 4 months.  I have "stayed out of trouble" w/ them.  They are really bad at Face Timing (we use that instead of Skype), & whenever I do get any communication from them it's always from my son.  The amount of times I have face-timed w/ my grandson I can count on one hand.  And my grandson is 8 months old now.  My son has never been that good keeping in contact w/ me, but when he lived here we at least got to see each other every weekend or 2.  He seemed to understand that he would have to try harder to keep in contact w/ me, especially when his son was born.  He & I & his brother were quite close, so the lack of communication was very perplexing to me.  I think I am figuring it out, though.   The one thing they did for me & some other family members w/ iphones was to keep a shared photo album that they would drop a picture or video in every now & then.  I noticed the album was gone & today I texted my son asking him where it went & he replied: "We booted you momma! Sorry but 1 too many pics were posted that we don't want on Facebook."  I went back in my history on my facebook page & I have not "broken the rules" once in 4 months.  I have no idea what they are talking about & texted him just those facts & haven't heard back yet. I do know, & am starting to realize more & more, these things about my DIL....EVEN THOUGH when we have been w/ each other or the rare times we have communicated by text or FB message one-on-one, she is perfectly pleasant & sweet w/ me.  Firstly, the things I know FOR SURE, because my son has mentioned them to me: 1- her mom is not like me AT ALL:  her mom is very hands-off.  She has never visited them in AZ & doesn't really have any desire to.  Her mom even told ME that she has raised 4 kids & now it's "her time" so she's not really "ga-ga" over her grandson.  Me, on the other hand, would live in a "granny pod" in their backyard if I could.  Lol.   2- I realize that because of #1, my DIL has to get used to me.  My son said, just like he has to get used to his wife's mom.  (I don't envy him! Lol)  Her mom is someone I cannot relate to at all.  She's quite a harsh, critical woman, & I am unconditionally loving & would do almost anything for my kids (although they know there are lines I won't cross...that's a discussion for another day).  My son has said, even recently, that he knows that if he needs me for anything at all (which of course is a rarity at the age of 25 & the life he leads now), that he can count on me. 3- My DIL is very young & immature.  She shows many signs of jealousy/enviousness when it comes to the relationship her husband has w/ me & his brother.   4- My DIL doesn't have much control in her life anymore & she's trying to control something.  She is a very independent, strong woman (you would have to be to at one time wanting to work in the police force.) 5- in relation to what I mentioned above, she is very unsure she actually wants to do what she thought she wanted to do as a career....since she became a mom, getting a dangerous job isn't so appealing anymore!  Both her & my son have had a lot of big events happen in their life in a very short time!  I could go on & on & on.....you can tell, right?  :-)  I am at a loss at what to do.  Part of me wants to completely back off & not contact them whatsoever, even a word, & see how they'd like it if I wasn't in the picture AT ALL.  I wanted to visit sometime before he turns 1...I haven't seen him in 4 months & he has changed completely since then.  But I was left w/ "we'll let you know on any visit they make or I make".  So it sounds like THEY will let me know when I can visit.  (The last time we went there, in March, they made us get a hotel room even though they had one room they weren't using.) We KNOW this is all her & not him.  I realize he's trying to keep the peace & get along w/ his wife.  But I am sick & tired of getting my heart broken.  My teenage son & I have said for many months that we will move down there when he graduates high school next yr, & my youngest is even looking at colleges in AZ.  But I am really doubting that that would be a good idea anymore.  
    • ImpishMom
      Weird or not?
      No, in a public restroom setting, it's a safety issue. In the home, with others around, it's not, which is why folks are thinking it's odd that anyone would deliberately remove a child to accompany them to the restroom.
    • Chrissy3
      Weird or not?
      This does seem weird to me and I wonder why GM would do this. On the other hand, while out and about with just me and my small GC I have taken them into the bathroom with me, even a small stall instead of leaving them outside alone. When you gotta go, you gotta go! Is this weird? 
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