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      Tell us about your experience with signing up for Medicare   01/23/18

      We want to know what the process was like for you, any difficulties you experienced, the length of your process, etc. This is strictly research and any information you share with us will not be shared elsewhere. Please email jack@grandparents.com with the subject line: Medicare Process and we'll be in touch with specific questions.
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      PLEASE READ: We are moving the community   02/15/18

      Dear Community friends and family,   After great consideration, we are moving the Grandparents.com community to Facebook Groups effective March 15, 2018.   This wasn’t an easy decision, but we want to bring our communities together and believe the best place to do so is through Facebook’s groups feature. We’re so appreciative of you and the diverse conversations and opinions you have provided over the past 9 years. Your stories and amazing advice have helped so many readers, and have reached thousands of GP.com users. We encourage you to retrieve any information you want to retain as the forum will only be accessible by the admin after March 15, 2018. We’ve created a closed Facebook group called Mothers-in-Law Unplugged where we welcome you to continue the conversations around grandparenting, family, and in-law relationships, and any general topics we discuss here. As the group is closed and each user must be approved, your friends and family on Facebook won’t see any of your activity. Request to join the group here: http://bit.ly/milunplugged Thank you to all of our past and current users. You helped build our community, and we look forward to continuing to interact with you in the Facebook groups. If you have any questions about the groups and privacy, let’s chat about here:   Sincerely,   The Grandparents.com Team

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  2. About the community move...

    Well, I'm wishing the best to everyone, whether they're joining the FB group or not... Meanwhile, it has been decided that since we only have a little less than a month left here, the bumping and hijacking rules will be relaxed a bit. Re bumping - The age of a thread members can bump up/post in  is being extended from 3 months to 6. If you (general) pull up a thread that's more than 6 months old,, it will, most often, be locked unless you're the OP (original poster), of course, or it's a stickypost/pinned to the front of a forum w/ a thumbtack icon. I Please use your judgment though. Not much point in giving advice to a member who hasn't been here in 3 months or more. So we still may suggest posting in more recent threads if that happens. But, generally, we won't lock it if it's less than 6 months old.  . Re; hijacking -  This rule is changing in the opposite direction. If you hijack another member's thread who is still here or was here very recently, most likely, we will still direct you to another, more general thread or recommend that you start a new one (if you're a full-fledged member) or create one ourselves (if you're a newcomer). BUT if the OP hasn't been here for 3 months or more, we, most likely, will let the hijacking go. (Of course, it's nicer not to hijack at all.) Please be aware of these rules/changes in rules. Thank you. ETA: All other guidelines will remain in effect as is.
  3. Entitlement to grandkids?

    I have 10GK....4 bio, 4 step & 2 who simply need to be included (1 is #1GB's first cousin on his dad's side, also an only child whose parents don't do fun stuff...the other is the new half sister of 3 of the bio gk...if I'm Mame to those 3 I'll be Mame to their sister)...we're all good with it.
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  5. New Game A to Z book titles

    Running With Scissors    Augusten Burroughs      
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    just wondering who approves request  to join the group? Is it ADMIN or facebook?  I'm very concerned about posting under facebook, because of being anonymous and privacy.   I'm thinking I need more details.  I have posted under Option B  on facebook  Sandbergs  website  I have been recognized. Even though i used an alias. Can you tell me I won't be recognized in your  site?

  6. About the community move...

    Even using an alias, you can be recognized. You are never, ever anonymous on facebook, no matter how hard you try. If you could be completely anonymous Zuckerburg would not have a website. A new idea, join a group it's a closed group. HAAAA   anyone on facebook can see your posts by joining the group by using an alias, or sometimes just looking up your screen name on facebook if they are on facebook.   I'm sorry i liked my privacy !  I am disappointed GP.com has made this decision.
  7. New Game A to Z book titles

    Q Queen of the Bigtime ~ Adriana Trigiani
  8. Daily Soundtrack

    Over Valentine's Day the SiriusXM Beatles channel had a fan voted top 50 Beatles love songs they counted down...what fun that was! I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the car on Valentine's Day, so got to hear them all, some more than once. Also Ronnie Dunn (Brooks & Dunn) does a monthly "Road Trip" show, showcasing his own stuff as well as music he listens to...It's quite interesting. We're very close in age, but brought up in very different parts of the country so its quite entertaining to see where our tastes converge and where they are miles apart.  Today, here at home, however, it's 'music choice' though my cable provider...country from the 80s/90s....
  9. Do you have Dollar Tree? Suave brand shampoo is $1 per bottle...works just fine, I've used it for decades, body wash as well. Simple school supplies are available there as well. My continuation school kids never had their supplies...'go to Dollar Tree, for $5 you can get a 12-pack of pencils, a 3-pack of pens, a notebook and 2 packs of binder paper....enough to last the entire term...you'll pay $6 for a foo-foo coffee every day on your way to school, you can invest $5 in supplies' Yay for your freezer. As you gain experience in old-school kitchen methods, you may need to upgrade in size, but what a great place to start! Get those larger packs of meat, separate into usable portions to freeze...prep those casseroles, make one for tonight and a 2nd for the freezer. You'll be so happy you did the next time you have a sick kid and been up all night, miserable all day and still get a good meal on the table in the evening.  When DS was working odd shifts, I'd find notes when I got up in the morning telling me his plans for the day (he left at 4am)...mostly saying "save me a plate"...if he didn't eat it that day, he'd take it for lunch the next...his co-workers were usually jealous.
  10. About the community move...

    Exactly. We only use FB as a place for counts/food for monthly Big Family Birthday/Holidays/Tailgate.  Or for our little immediate family for weekends and gatherings, no pictures except food ideas and prep. A nephew has it locked up tight for only our family, and I doubt he'd want Grandparent Forums on it   
  11. New Game A to Z book titles

    Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie
  12. Worst MIL story.

  13. Daily Soundtrack

    Awesome to hear some of these "old" names!  I still enjoy many of my old favorites, such as The Beatles and The Bee Gees, etc.
  14. My husband bought me a deep freezer yesterday! 148 dollars at Lowes! It's so nice to have it! It's the perfect size for us!. I was able to coupon that night and stock up on some frozen stuff for my kiddos.My husband is the only income earner and he's commission paid. I am going to buckle down and create a meal plan and pack lunches for hubby to ease on our food bills. My baby turns 6 weeks today and is starting to sleep for longer stretches. If hubby hit his bonus I am going to try to add to our grocery budget and put some extras in savings. We have Sams club, Aldis and Krogers both with in a 2 mile radius of our home. I REALLY wish we had a Costco close by. However I do Amazon "Subscribe and save" every couple of months and stock up on snacks, paper towel, TP, Baby wipes, tooth paste, Shampoo etc etc. I use Amazon for practically everything non perishable. I really like Amazon because the prices are often lower there and they ship for 2 days. 
  15. Just found out they're moving far away!

    RoseRed, Thanks for the heads up on the move to FB
  16. Daily Soundtrack

    Crystal Gayle does a pretty good updated arrangement of Wayward Wind...I do like the original Gogi Grant version as well.
  17. About the community move...

    I totally understand that, nonna and Sue.
  18. Daily Soundtrack

    Haha .. Thank you, Sue-  .. My bad- I did mean Wayward Wind -- not westward ..
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  20. Daily Soundtrack

    Tex Ritter  
  21. Worst MIL story.

  22. About the community move...

    I feel the same nonna  
  23. About the community move...

    Not to be offensive,  but I don't want anyone here having access to my Facebook.  Seeing my family  or pictures. 
  24. I use the same recipe, but modified to be sugar free vegan (which only cuts out the eggs, milk, sugars and adds 2 bananas (sweetness), more nuts, coconut oil, flax, and extra spices. I don't know a soul who doesn't like banana-carrot bread or apple-banana-zucchini muffins.  I don't meal plan, I full pantry and full freezer plan. Generally we like to have whatever hits us, whenever. And that means I keep an over filled pantry and freezer. I buy the sale items in huge quantities as part of over-filled. Naturally I don't mean fresh, that I buy a lot of the same every shopping trip - celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, tofu, milk, eggs, romaine, oranges, bananas, mushrooms, onions, garlic,  etc.  Apples, most sorts of potatoes and winter squash we have, other fruit and veg we freeze, herbs we dry. I make yogurt 2x a week, in a small crock pot. I'm not much on yogurt but some of the rest love it with nuts, toasted oats and mashed fruit stirred in. A 10oz  milk is 8 cents vs a 6oz yogurt for a dollar (last I looked, I won't buy it). 
  25. My kids pretty much only ate what they liked, they ate small portions so ate more frequently over the course of the day- The American version of "meals" was lost on them- Some cheese, raw peppers, applesauce a bit of this, a bit of that, handful of nuts and raisins, yogurt, tuna, watermelon, whatever- They didn't much care for meat- The only "meal" they really got on-board with was breakfast -- which they would eat any time of the day- They enjoyed shopping with me- I tried planning well in advance, but .. sometimes it worked, sometimes not- It seems they've maintained eating simply except for the youngest who can be a foodie from time to time- All of mine were builders, they'd create play areas, which I'd leave for the week or less, until they got bored with it, then cleaned that area of the room- Figured they'd only be small for so long- They helped out with cleaning/picking up from the time they were little-   
  26. Daily Soundtrack

    I'll give it a listen -- there's so many! Patsy Cline's is on replay -- heard it yesterday and it's been playing ever since ..
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