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Posted by fitquilter , 23 February 2013 · 1333 views

We quite frequently have our grandson overnight. When he gets picked up, we are practically interrogated to the nth degree about everything from soup to nuts. She wants to know times, amounts and lengths of everything from bowel movements to how many & how often he had a dirty diaper. Is this normal for the parent of a 15 mo. old. He is always happy when he is with us and has slept through the night for us since he was just a few months old.

Somebody tell me this is normal or is our daughter just the only one who does this to her parents? Thank you,


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I think it's very normal.  She wants to know how he did, and gathering that information helps her feel he did well.  I was like that when I was a young mom. 


Don't worry about it--it's really ok.

One of my daughters is like that - her sister isn't.  It's all about their parenting style.  I wouldn't worry.

My daughter asks tons of questions about her girls' day, every single day. I let everything she says or does slide off me. Her girls are good, it's always been easier to just do it her way and giggle to myself.

My DIL worked in day care for years.  When she had her own baby, she would log every dirty diaper and ounce of formula that the baby drank.  Apparently, this is what she was taught to do at day care, so if your grandchild is enrolled at a day care, maybe this the info she is used to having after being away from the baby.


I wouldn't worry about it, but I would supply the info without having to be asked every time.

Another vote for "normal." And, in fact, very common today. We hear about this often in Grandparents Caring for Grandkids and Mothers-in-Law Anonymous (both on the Groups list on the Index page). In fact, why don't you come and join us in one or both of those forums? We'd love to have you there! :)

Mar 08 2013 03:48 PM

For our family it is normal.  I do it when I get my grandchildren from my daughter and she does it to me.  My reasoning that I have always done it, is to have an overview  of what has occurred since I have not seen them.  If you are not used to doing this or it bothers you then it might be a problem.  Do not take offense because of her questions.  We ask those same questions.  Also, those are questions you might ask her when getting your grandchildren.  Hopes this helps.  I have kept my grandhchildren overnight since they came home from the hospital twice a week until school age.  Then on weekends during school time.  There are a set of twins also.  I have 3 in my city and 2 that live in the south.

Another vote for normal. Why does it bother you?

Mar 21 2013 10:02 PM

I agree - totally normal.  I used to write little "logs" when DGD was a baby, so Mom knew what was going on.  How much she ate/drank, slept. It lets Mom know what to expect.  Now she's 8 and I still occasionaly have side conversations with Mom to let her know if there is anything on her child's mind or in her behavior Mom wasn't aware of.  Trusting your baby/child to someone else means handing off some precious moments that Mom might need to be aware of, from "firsts", to problems - physical or emotional.   Initially it could be as simple as a bowel movement.  Mom needed to know if it was or wasn't happening.  Now, it might be something at school DGD was bothered by but didn't get a chance to tell mom.  I feel it's a gift to help Mom.

Apr 17 2013 01:12 PM

The same thing happened to me.  When my daughters husband would come home the first thing out of his mouth was "when was her diaper last changed"  They were on a regime that the diaper had to be changed every 2 hours.  When my granddaughter was a little older she had a sleep-over.  She was sleeping in a bed at home  but to be safe I had a portable side on one side, the bed was against the wall on the other side and pillows on the floor.  Well my son-in-law dropped in on his way home from work to check that I had everything in place.  I was a little taken back however the world is a different place today.  I don't know how my children are still alive without car seats, seat belts, out on their bike for hours. etc etc.  I guess we just have to put up with all the newness and love them anyway,.

My friend is like what you describe.  She even leaves behind a journal book for things to be written down with time.  Don't ask...  That might solve your problem.  have a journal book or make a paper on excell with all the things she asks and just put down the info as it occurs.  It will give her piece of mind and you can laugh about it later and show you GC.  It has nothing to do with her trust in you.

Jul 15 2013 04:19 PM
Very normal! I had premi's so first few years of life this was very important n my DIL worked in daycare so it's normal for her. There r a ton of phone apps if u have a smart phone that u can link to each other on baby's sleep habits, food etc...n my grandson has/had a milk protein allergy up until he was almost 17mos he had to be on pre digested formula n now that he can have milk we can't over do! He just recently was in hospital for viral infection that dehydrated him (6 days of fever n then a drop to 94.4) it was very weird!! N they need to know all that stuff to rule out any possible food allergies, or poisoning a etc.. Exspeasily right now there is one with fresh produce going around. I ask her she asks me u just never know....

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