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Grandparents Wanted

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#1 SamSam



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Posted 15 February 2010 - 12:22 PM

Do you enjoy interacting with children? Regular interaction with children can help us feel healthier, more connected and of course less lonely. Maybe you are finding yourself making the transition from the workplace to retirement, with time on your hands to fill. Perhaps you’ve lost contact with your own grandchildren or never had any grandchildren. Have you considered becoming a surrogate granny or granddad? Maybe there is a family near you that would love to be part of a mutually beneficial relationship with you. Together you can build a long term relationship that resembles an extended family. • Do you enjoy the company of children? • Do you enjoy being a part of a family? • Can you enrich the life of a child? • Are you 50 years or older? • Have you time to spend with a family? If so, families are looking for people like you. Create your grandparent profile on http://www.grandparentswanted.com and find a Family match. Become an important member of a family, share your time, love, skills and life experiences with them, and they with you. Offer each other support, love and wisdom traditionally provided through the extended family arrangement. Grannies and granddads benefit from this new extended family relationship. It’s good to feel needed by a family. It gives you a great opportunity to share your knowledge, wisdom and skills with the children. What better way to spend your time than teaching a whole new generation about life, sharing your experiences and passing on the knowledge you have acquired through the years. This new extended family or senior relationships keeps traditions alive and most of all reinforces the importance of family values. Children also benefit hugely. It gives them someone else to talk to, someone to teach them the traditional skills such as, cooking, sowing, knitting, carpentry. I remember many a day baking with my granny and chatting to her about what is was like when she was a child. Do you have stories to tell and do you enjoy giving encouragement to children. http://www.grandparentswanted.com



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Posted 16 February 2010 - 01:06 PM

Hey thought I'd let you all know after looking at this site thru the link. I learned a long time ago to always read fine print and on computer sites first and foremost is TERMS & CONDITIONS I really did not go any further when I saw the item regarding subscription costs and such. I can say I was disappointed thinking it might be worth checking but like most people I don't really have the ready money to use on another subscription. Just my feelings but each to his own.I'm not sure how many AARP members there are out there but on their newsletters there are all sorts of Fraud Alerts and stuff. I just play it safe myself.

#3 YankeeDoodle


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Posted 18 February 2010 - 07:14 PM

I wouldn't dare take on such a responsibility. There is always the chance that the most innocent expressions of love and committment can be misconstrued. No single male should ever enter into a relationship with a child from another family. The risks are just too great.

#4 kaym


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Posted 23 February 2010 - 03:39 PM

SO GLAD THAT WE ARE SMART AND CAUTIOUS GRANDPARENTS! Whether you are male or female, PLEASE BE CAREFUL when you even consider entering into a close relationship with children!!! Especially from another family or situation with which you are not completely familiar with all the dynamics. We should be very careful as the potential "almost" grandparent; and THE PARENTS OR GUARDIANS should be equally careful with anyone who would want to come into a child's life - either IN PERSON or ONLINE!! Unfortunately, it's not the old days, and there are potential risks and hazards to which WE MUST BE VIGILANT! PLEASE RESEARCH AND DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE GETTING INVOLVED IN ANY TYPE ACTIVITY! KAYM, Co-Moderator