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Disney World Rehab

Well my husband and I just got back from what has been labeled as "The Happiest Place on Earth" Disney World! We took our oldest grandson who is 12 years old. It is a trip that we have been saving for and planning for some time. We had a blast! It was a dream come true for our grand child but I have to tell you, WE ARE EXHAUSTED and indeed in need of a recovery vacation. We thought we were doing pretty well keeping up with our boy. We visited everything he wanted to do without complaint. We went on every single roller coaster in the park and waited in every God forsaken line there. After all how much fun would he have had going alone right? Yes you might say we took "one for the team". We ate too much, stayed up too late and spent too much money.....and the truth of the matter is we wouldn't change a thing ...oh except my shoes. I brought the wrong shoes but thankfully packed an old pair of sneakers " just in case". Just in case presented itself on day 2 forcing me to band-aid my aching feet and keep going. The airplane flight was my grandson's first and he was a bit nervous. On the flight home after being over saturated with the glitz and fantasy of the Magic Kingdom this child looked out the window and through the clouds below and said. "Grammy, it is a wonderful world". ........Indeed it is!


Hats off to Grant! Hoooooooo knew?

blog-0379048001358122735.jpgMy 2 -1/2 year old grandson Grant loves owls. He has begun to string his words together now and is talking; he knows all the animals and the sounds they make. Owls are his favorite. This year as Christmas drew near, I happened across an adorable knitted owl hat pattern. Although like everyone else I was "up to my eyeballs" with the holiday madness I decided to make the hat. I bought just the right color yarn, felt and buttons and went to work; and just in the nick of time I finished it. Now I am certainly not an expert knitter but if I do say so myself it came out great. I couldn't wait to see my sweet boy's expression when he opened his owl hat. The moment came, Grant opened his hat. He looked at it and with a big smile he said "OWL". "What does the owl say?" I asked. "Hoo Hoo".he replied. We couldn't have been prouder. I reached in for the hat and put it on my grandson's head. We were not prepared for what came next; we couldn't believe our eyes. This sweet tempered boy that we know and love went "nuts”. He screamed " no, no" and tore the owl hat from his head sending it flying across the room. Crying, he ran to the safety of his mother's arms, while carefully keeping the hat in view. Eventually he settled down but not until we put the hat away. It is January 13th and he still hates the hat. Now and then my daughter will take it out to show him hoping to get him used to it. No "can do" he still hates it. I guess he thinks it is real. For now it stays out of sight and out of mind. I guess I could stuff it and make it a pillow or better yet, I think I'll just leave well enough alone." Hooooo" knew my good intentions would turn out this way.