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Notes from a Nanny Granny

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow



Thought I posted this last night, but I guess it didn't "take," somehow, so trying again...

If anyone had told me, years ago, that, someday, as a GM (grandmother), I would spend part of my time at computer, on a thing called "the Internet," chatting about my life and family with hundreds of total strangers, I would have laughed and thought they were "crazy!" Yet, here I am doing it!

So now I'm wondering what changes will take place in the future - and what some future reader, if any, will think of what we talk about here and how we go about it. Will GP (grandparent) caregivers, like me, be a thing of the past or the absolute norm? Will the "family" look much as it does, today, with all the variations it's already experiencing? Or will it have taken on such a new shape that the conversations on sites like this will be entirely different?

Will we even still communicate with each other in this way? Or will technology have brought us whole new forms of contacting each other that we can't even imagine right now? As a Boomer GM, I recall when the electronic typewriter was the most modern piece of equipment in my family's home. Now it seems quite "primitive." Will our ways of communicating seem just as archaic to some future reader?

And as much as I hate to say it, will this material even still be here? Or will it have disappeared as the technology became outdated and newer types of communication took over?

Regardless, I expect I'll be talking a lot about changes, as I blog - those that I underwent as I took on the caregiver role and those I've gone through and am still going through as my role, itself, evolves. But with these kinds of questions in my mind, I almost can't help addressing myself to that possible future reader, as I write, as well as, of course, those of you who are reading here and now. That is, if this blog is even still here in the far future and if any reader, at that time, is even interested in what's said by a "nanny granny" from the early 21st Century!

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Hi Rosered!! Welcome to the blogosphere!! Looking forward to reading more of your insights and experiences! :)

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Thanks GPstaff!

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