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Pownkie Ponders

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Kids DO say the darndest things!



When my grandson, Jeffery, was 4 1/2 years old, he said to me: "I really like girls - 'cause they are REALLY important." I asked him "Girls are important?" Jeffery says, "Of course. They say REALLY important things."

I thought to myself, wow! He had learned a crucial lesson very early on. I was so proud of him. It appeared to me that my grandson was gifted and had great knowledge and understanding of the mysterious workings of the world. I took this to mean he held his mother (my daughter) in high esteem. And I, as well.

I was able to bask in this wonderful euphoria for one and a half years.

Then he turned SIX! It seemed that a switch was flipped and my pride and joy suddenly fell victim to gender roles. Girls now became disgusting....COOTIE-fied! By a stroke of luck, my daughter and I were spared this new demotion.

According to Jeffery, we were not girls, we were Mommy and Grammie. I reminded him that he used to think girls were important, and he gave me a look. It was as though he were suddenly an adult, and the look said it all: "Grammie, I was just a baby then and hadn't figured it out yet, but now I know!"

I'm working on changing his perception, but this may take time given that I am fighting against the pack mentality of a group of 1st grade boys.

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Delightful, Pownkie! And it sounds like you're an important person in your grandson's life. He's very lucky to have such a strong-but-thoughtful "Grammie" - with a hefty sense of humor to boot!

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Yes these kids are something else----my grandson who just turned 7 a few months ago---is pretty bright---he is shared by his mom and dad. They never was married but decided to share parenting and raise my grandson---well I found it interesting that my daughter called one day to tell me: Mom, can you quess what Barry told me today? He said mother I know you still sort of like my dad....but if I were you----I would get over it.

So I laughed and laughed and told myself that kid got some incite and discernment---so glad he told my daughter what I was trying to tell her from the beginning!

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