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Farewell October



Here we are at the end of October; a time of year that I find myself feeling a tad melancholy. Sadly we bid farewell to the final warms days of Indian Summer and prepare for the cold New England winter. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and will be upon us before we know it. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The month that is dedicated to bringing this devastating disease to the forefront of our minds. An opportunity for media, merchants and other organizations work together to raise awareness and funds for research and education. They have made great progress and I am personally thankful. 20 years ago at the young age of 39 I discovered a lump in my left breast while showering after my daily run. Numerous tests and doctors visits later I was given the grim diagnosis of Stage II aggressive invasive ductal carcinoma..... Cancer. I had no family history and was vigilant about checking my breasts as advised. I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. I had been a runner for years. I don't smoke and eat very little red meat. It made no sense and I was scared to death. My hair thinned and my spirit waned. I worried that I wouldn't see my children grow up and I grew depressed. The next year was a whirlwind. I underwent 2 surgeries, a year of aggressive chemo-therapy and 3 months of radiation. As a young wife and mother I was paralyzed with fear but I was also one of the lucky ones; I made it. I am a survivor. For me though October still feels bitter sweet; a season of endings but also a time for reflection. I can't help but be grateful for every day that I am here as I know too well how fragile life can be.





Such a beautiful entry Roxie! So sorry for the fear and suffering that you went through! But congratulations on being a survivor!

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Thanks for your post.  You give encouragement to others by posting this.  Cong. on you being a survivor.  I am sure it was a tough time for you especially being a new mother and wife. 

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