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Pownkie Ponders

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Unexpected phone calls

blog-0047516001358110767.jpgIt used to be that my daughter or son-in-law would call, talk for awhile and then try to coax my then-5 year old grandson, Jeffery to the phone. He was, of course, reluctant....so at the most I would hear whinning in the background, or maybe be blessed with a hastily uttered "Hello" and then dead air.

Well, happily those days are gone.

A couple of weeks ago, I answer the phone and (seeing on caller ID that it is my daughter) answer, "Hi, Pumpkin!"

In an excited rush I hear, "Hi Grammie Pownkies!" ...it's my grandson!

Then in a quieter, more tentative and hopeful voice, "Can you come over and play with me?"

I melt. Right there and then. He had me at "Hi".

How could I say no? Why would I say no?

My presence has been requested, and I am putty in the hands of a 6 year old child.

I drop (gladly) the chores I had hoped to accomplish this day, and head over to exhalt in the love and excitement of Jeffery.

I willingly play game over game with him.....the rules are Jeffery's and occassionally he even lets me win, although I shall never break the code of how they are to be played. It doesn't matter. Jeffery has summoned me and I answered the call willingly!

I await the next phone call, and hope that I will be able to change my plans to happily accomodate this precious little child.

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