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Time To Batten Down The Hatch.......yet again!



Well here we go again. New England is in the midst of another monster storm; especially on the coast where I live. Predictions for snow amounts are in the area of 24" - 26". That's a lot even for us. I am happy to say though because of this snow storm our Christmas vacation has been extended a few days. There was no school today and it has been cancelled for Friday as well. I work in the school system so for this I am thankful. I have two extra days to put my life back together. Christmas certainly takes its toll, on the house, the kids and on me. I am tired but forge ahead. My Christmas tree is down, the and the ornaments and decorations are packed away. You would never know that Christmas was ever here. Now it is time to welcome the new year. I Love this time of year; it fills me with hope and wonder. I reminds me that I have yet another chance to get it right. A clean slate. For the first time in my life I don't go into the new year with an endless list of resolutions of things that I will stop doing. I go with one. To do my best; that's it. My best in all things.

So Happy New Year My Friends

I hope you find love, good health and peace in your life this year!

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Right back atchya, Roxie!


Lots of snow where I am, too! Beautiful but so in the way! And yet, as you say, it  can give us all an extra break! I know my DGC, as little as they are, were thrilled to get what they saw as "an extra day of vacation" and play in the snow! :)

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