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If not now.....WHEN?



Tomorrow, on January 19th I shall turn 60 years old and I can not believe it. I've always felt that age is a number, nothing more nothing less, but I got to tell you, this one feels different. Over the past few months my discomfort about seeing 60 on the horizon has grown while I try to embrace the fact that yes, I am getting older. There are no answers to the obvious questions that I ask; where did the time go, how did I get here and how much quality life do I have left? But I do know one thing for sure. There is alway now, this minute, this second and the opportunity to live my best life . The six decades behind me for the most part, have been spent on others; my youthful self, my husband and kids and my aging mother. So for my birthday I will give to "ME", my best effort and to tenderly nurture my mind, my body and my soul. So here today, the last day of my 59th year that I make a commitment for next chapter life is offering. A promise of sorts to include "ME" in life's equation...if not now..........WHEN?


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 Have a Happy Birthday, Roxie!!! Hugs!!

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Thank you so much!

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