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lizasnan's Blog

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And now a grandfather - well, two really



Since, since the last time I've posted here my dad has passed away but this isn't about him; it's about dil's grandfather, not sure what, if anything, I've said, but it's been a real situation; something happened to him, leading to him having been placed in several different facilities but not being able to stay being placed in any of them till eventually his next oldest daughter - after dil's mom's passed away, having been the oldest - took him and with his check rented them a place to live and got guardianship over him but then she wasn't really taking care of him, such that he'd wound up back in the hospital - again - after several times of this happening - and apparently with his diabetes, which he won't take care of, seemingly just hasn't cared after his oldest daughter passed away, having affected his heart just like hers, even with his back deteriorated seemingly just like dh's uncle and needing to have the same type of surgeries he's had can't have because of his heart, although not exactly sure what's going on there since dh's uncle has congestive heart failure but anyway they sent him home this time with nurses and home health supposed to be coming with oxygen but not sure if they wouldn't wait but still wasn't there not long ago and he gasping for breath, bedridden now for sure, seemingly in that sense possibly should have been before since he would fall when he would get up but now apparently can't even attempt to get up, not really able to move, think that may have been what happened with this last fall he did have, not sure what nurses being able to do, but saying he's cold, that, at least if nothing happens soon, it may not be long so....dil wants to go; again, can't really remember all what I've said on here but the last time she went it wasn't good but at least we don't have one in the hospital this time, although Thursday will be what would have been her birthday and we were going to commemorate it but will just have to see; she'd like to get everything cleared up anyway; they'd said they were coming after her but then son's just called about me taking her; guess will see, have my own issues apparently regarding my dad's passing to still deal anyway but then some of that has to do with situations possibly still going on up there that I just wonder what would happen if I did take her; last time I went when she went was when I headed out to get her, since I didn't take her that time, son took her halfway and they did meet him, just about this time from the hospital, so maybe that is what will happen again this time so then just have to see what happens....




My deepest condolences on the loss of your dad, LN.


Also, I'm sorry about the problems with DIL's dad and the stresses that's putting on your family.... sigh...

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Thank you, Rose, but once again, one comes across as a major crisis by the next day seems to have abated though I've never heard of a TIA causing paralysis, if you will, although my grandmother used to get them and would then stay in bed, so maybe I just didn't know she actually couldn't get up, if that was indeed the case but don't think she couldn't get up so much that she couldn't even take care of bodily necessities, if you know what I mean, like they're saying he can't and that he doesn't know where he is, like I didn't think she got, so I'm not really sure he just had TIA's rather than having an actual stroke; just wondering if they're just not really wanting to tell them because they do go into such panic mode; they'd talked like they were calling in hospice but now they're saying he probably has another 6 months so won't be but that's when I thought they were supposed to but again I think they're maybe not because of the way they panic but anyway not like it was yesterday, which is a good thing because we have other issues but at least they don't really seem to be hers like it used to be, thankfully

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