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lizasnan's Blog

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Elephants, Lions, and Tigers - oh my! Trip to the Zoo - oh and Zebras too



Yes, we made our first trip with granddaughter to the zoo; not sure what/how mom had been preparing her but all the way down (it's in the next city over - couple hour trip away) she kept talking about what she wanted to see

But...first, we - well, most of us - glad the snake house was shut down - but then we first went to the bird area - uh, not interested, except a little in the house where you can actually feed them and they'll come sit on your shoulder but she still wasn't too interested

Then the primate house - did I say monkeys? - but she not too interested in those either

And I was actually getting a little concerned we - the adults - were going to get too hot and tired by then and want to leave before she even got to see what she really wanted - maybe that's a thought for grandparents taking grandchildren, maybe depending on age - she's 3, will be 4 in October - do you really have to see everything?

But we stopped at the safari café - the outdoor eating place - well, it's under shelter, but no A/C but then it wouldn't be a zoo, would it? and got drinks - remember we're down south - they ran out of sweet tea! oh no so I went back and stood in line to no response until I finally called for a mgr. and got someone to refill it - ok, now we good to go again - oh did have a little incident but we trucked on - and was so worth it all - when - oh wait, we did see the hippo, no good either - but!

when we finally got to the elephants! then she lit up - was indeed so worth it - she loved it -

had thought she'd like the camels and they were even offering rides although we didn't pay the extra for that - maybe because she didn't seem interested -

and then the giraffes - oh yes, sorry, think that's what she'd said she wanted to see -

no, not too interested in the lions either -

tigers not too bad - didn't know they loved water - but...

the zebras...! she wanted to bring one home with her but she was okay with letting it stay there - but she was so fascinated by that striped creature!

we were afraid that we would have taken so long that that's what she would remember but at least she got to see the good stuff last so - no - she kept saying she had so much fun! it was such a good - beautiful day!

and, oh, just to kinda go along with some things that are mentioned in the forums different places - this is how that went down - she posted on FB (dil - and yes, we're FB friends, for now - it comes and goes and I rarely mention; often don't even notice if I've gotten busy with other things both there and in rl but things are better now, as in she's feeling better, not that our relationship necessarily changes but can somewhat go up and down depending on how she's feeling and I've somewhat learned, from her, to just roll with it and not really have any expectations, just take what I get and appreciate it - was it here talk about "mismatched expectations" - anyway - she posted about special deal days there and them wanting to go - and then also did mention it on the phone or in person when we talked and somewhere in all this I think I did mention was it something that, since she was mentioning it, did she want or at least not mind us going as well or was this something for just them to do, which would have been fine or even actually last weekend hub had something he'd actually gotten obligated for and with having just found out about it at that point he was not going to cancel, especially because other arrangements to take his place would have had to have been made and he wasn't going to put them in that position for something he'd just found out about, that they hadn't already made plans earlier about but....don't remember why but they ended up not going anyway so when it began to come up again for yesterday, at least it was something he already knew about and didn't have any obligations for, so even though didn't actually ask him until the night before, somewhat because after he'd spent the past 2 nights involved in the same thing - one is a monthly, one is a weekly that he doesn't do every week, not sure why he did that night - guess he felt time to include in family something, especially if it was involving that little granddaughter, especially her first trip to the zoo! also another factor that might have played a part (might?) in our going was son's having vehicle issues that really didn't need to make the trip in it; however, he could probably have taken ours (enmeshment? anyway); he has before for things but he doesn't really like to ask for something like that, especially, so not sure if felt obligated for us to go if they were going to take her but certainly hub by that point wanted to but they didn't have to let us or have to go but it didn't really feel totally like that when we went; we all seemed to enjoy being together and not even just being with granddaughter because, to address another issue that's often brought up - I at least do enjoy being with son as well and I'd like to think hub does as well, though not quite the way I would like but that's another issue and could be another one of those "expectation" things but all in all I think we all felt like we had a very "beautiful" day!

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