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skynlo@yahoo.com's Blog

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crying granddaughter



I have temporary custody of my granddaughter. Its a long story. How do I help my granddaughter handle only seeing her mom on weekends? She goes to therapy. She was only seeing her at my house. Now that she spends the weekends it seams like its worse for her. She cried so much tonight she gave herself a head ache. Please if anyone has some input help me.




Welcome skynlo! And bless you for being there for your GD (granddaughter) in her time of need! My heart aches to hear how she's crying, poor little doll! You must be besides yourself when that happens!


But before I go on... if that's your active email addy in your username, you may want to change it for greater privacy. If so,  just click on http://www.grandparents.com/profile and change your name where shown. You must sign/log out and then sign/log back in again to make sure the change takes full effect.


If you do this, immediately, it will be obvious, of course. However, generally speaking please always let a moderator or administrator know if you change your name (just click on their name and then Send a Message and go from there. Or mention it in a post.) Thank you. :)


If you'd also like to take it out of the name of your blog, click on your blog's name, then the box labeled "Options", then 'Manage Settings" and change your blog name where shown.


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Now, back to your problem. I take it that GD is crying over being separated from her mom. And I trust you know this is normal, despite any issues. It may be cold comfort but you are not alone in this. Many GPs here have custody of their GC and a number of them have described scenarios similar to what you're describing.


I'm glad that GD is in therapy. Have you spoken to her therapist about this problem? They may be able to help. And they may - or may not - recommend that the visits be cut back again to those at your house.


How long has GD been living with you? I'm no psychologist but I think that may be a factor. Things may get easier as she's with you longer and has had more time to adjust to the situation.


Regardless, perhaps it will help if you remind GD each time that she'll be with her mom again the next weekend. And that her mom loves her very much. Or perhaps it would help if her mom let her bring a toy home with her, each week, as a connection with her? Does she have a picture of her mom to look at? I'm not saying that any of this will prevent or stop the crying, entirely. But maybe it will ease little GD's feelings.


Also, how old is GD? Do you think she understands that this situation is temporary? Or that she has any idea of what "temporary" means? If you think her mom is in the process of getting her act together, you might remind her that, eventually, she will live with her mom again. Otherwise, maybe not... IDK...


Perhaps the best you can do is just hold her when she cries and let her know that you understand and, of course, that you love her (I'm sure I don't have to tell you that part).


But, no doubt, others will be coming in to talk to you, including those with some relevant experience. And, hopefully, they will have more helpful ideas than I....

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