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Notes from a Nanny Granny

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Winter Through My Grandchildren's Eyes



Me (if I wake up in the morning to find that it has snowed a lot): Ugh! Now I'll have to shovel out my car! Well, at least, I'm sure the kids will have some fun in it.

My DGC (on the phone or when I see them):" Gramma, it snowed! We're going to build a snowman (or make "angels" or go sledding, etc.)"

Me (if I go out in the morning to find ice on my car windows); Ugh! Hate having to stand here scraping ice off in the cold. I'm going to try go defrost it all away.

My DGC (on the phone or when I see them): "Gramma, guess what?! There were snowflakes on our car windows this morning!" (frozen snowflakes, I suppose).

I love the way my DGC bring back to me the joys of winter! :)

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