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Growing pains



While I was driving my granddolls to school this morning, the topic of Halloween came up. All of a sudden, DGD announced, "This is the last year I'm wearing a Halloween costume. I'm getting too old (she's 10)."

Ohh... A bitter-sweet moment to see her growing up this way. (Not more of a jolt than when she proclaimed a few months ago, that she didn't want any more dolls. She still plays w/ the ones she has, from time to time, but says she's "outgrowing" them and is "too old" - that expression again! - for any others.) I understand b/c I began to feel the same way around her age (yes, about dolls, too). It was hard for DM to take, as, I suppose, I was growing up "too quickly" for her.YDD is having a hard time w/ DGD's new attitude, also, especially perhaps, b/c she continued to wear Halloween costumes way into adulthood, even when she no longer trick or treated (so did her sister.) But she (YDD) is accepting it, thankfully, in a way that it took DM longer to do.

In fact, come to think of it, I was thrown a little off base when I saw how my DDs clung to some of the activities I gave up/began to give up at an earlier age (though I, too, accepted that their time table was different than mine).. I guess it can be hard to realize that your kids don't feel the same way about this/that as you (general parent) do/did as a child. Oh hey, I'm even having a little bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that DGD's timetable is a little more like mine and, in those respects, she's maturing faster than my own girls did.

Interestingly enough, DGS, 2 years her junior, was upset by it. "Please do it one more year," he entreated after DGD made her announcement. I'm not sure why. Maybe he's loathe to "loose" his T or T partner. Or perhaps he's worried that if she stops after 10, it means he will "have to" do that, too. Maybe it's just too much of a reminder that they're doing that scary thing of growing up and moving onward in life.

"Growing pains," I guess - for both the children and the adults...


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Rose, I understand because I'm witnessing similar and experiencing similar, too- Even if an "interest" in costumes persists, it's enjoyed differently as one matures- But sometimes children go through a period where they feel they are supposed to give something up in order to grow up only to realize they aren't quite ready to do so- 

Great blog entry! :)

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

But sometimes children go through a period where they feel they are supposed to give something up in order to grow up only to realize they aren't quite ready to do so- 

So true, IMO!




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Posted (edited)


Hi Rose,

It sounds as if DGD  may be going into middle school next year. She  might understand the school doesn't do costumes. IMO she's trying to show she can handle the change. My DGD is just a year older, but in our school district middle school doesn't start until 7th grade. Although, she didn't have a party at school, her sports team dressed in matching theme costumes to play field hockey. A classmate had a Halloween party, and so did the local library. I know she plans to Tor T on Tuesday at a few of her neighbors. I am sure if her friends announced I'm not doing Halloween, she might have looked at it differently.

The doll thing is more personal, one of DGD's  friends had a BD party at American Girl store. She brought her doll to the party and seemed to have fun even asking DD to buy a new outfit for her doll. (using her own money of course)

I do think children mature faster  "these days" then in the 80's and 90's .  Many factors influence them. I think the child understands, I want to be like my peers, good or bad.

Hope your GC enjoy the Halloween season, even if the Growing Pains are from the GPs.    Thanks for the blog post! keeps me thinking


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