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Notes from a Nanny Granny

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Changing... And Changing Again



Change has played a big part in my experience as a nanny granny. First, of course there was the major shift in priorities, etc., as I went from the mother of adult DDs (dear daughters) to a main caregiver for my 1st grandbaby. And more change followed, as I learned about new rules and practices in childcare, etc, as I said in a previous entry.

Change again - as YDD (the mom) married and had another child. During that time, my services were often needed a little less, for obvious reasons.

And change again - In time, the mariage went downhill and ended, unfortunately, in divorce. During that time, YDD tended to lean on me more than usual. After a while, we had to do some renegotiating.

But change again - she and the kids began to need me less again, as DGD went off a few days a week to preschool and summern camp. And then, even less so, when DGS started spending a few days at camp, too.

And then change again - the biggest change since the initial one - Both kids began attending fulltime school/camp, 5 days a week. Now I've had to reorder my priorities and reorganize my time, once again... And then, just as I get settled into a new routine... one of the kids gets sick or along comes a vacation..I know it affects YDD, as well, and I guess I went through the same kinds of changes when I was a young mom, myself... but it seems, somehow, stranger now (YDD says "No," however, b/c it took her some adjusting, too, and that I probably just don't remember... could be).

But here's the good part... I'm enjoying the greater amount of time I have for my home, DH and myself - and I'm all the more excited about it when I do get to be with the kids (which is still several hours a week, just not as many, each day)! In fact, my favorite part of each weekday is when I see their little faces "at 3 o' clock.!"

Future Change - But, of course, I know this is just a little taste of the changes to come, as they get older, enter their teens, and have less interest in "Grammy." Hmmm... guess I'm very lucky to get to enjoy them now, as much as I do! :)


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