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Pownkie Ponders

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Discovering Comic Books



When I grew up, Comic books were certainly NOT considered to be literature and certainly not something you willing gave your children to read. They were considered "silly" and "corruptable".....But we occasionally got them with our allowance.

My favorites were Casper the Friendly Ghost; Huey, Dewey and Louey; Archie and Little Lulu. For the most part they were harmless....with the possible exception of the Archie series.....Man, Barbie had NOTHING over Betty and Veronica! But they were fun and we would read them and reread them for hours (after our homework was done) in some private, special place. My special place was a tree house...actually just huge oak tree with a couple of pieces of wood spaning the branches.

Now, my 6 year old grandson (who is an excellent reader already), has discovered Comic Books. His dad took him to a local dealer and Jeffery picked out TeenAgeMutant Ninja Turtles (the NEW and improved ones!) and another one about some Super Dinosaurs. These are not the "cute", fluffy stories of my youth, but much more edgy and aggressive. But certainly not harmful...it is a comic and there is humor in it. And what the heck? He's actively reading them and I am a firm believer that anything you read is worthwhile.

The funniest part, was that his dad picked out a "Buddha-based" comic for himself. He had just finished reading it and was "Disappointed" to find out that the story "continues" with the next issue! He was so funny about that! He didn't realize that many action comics are serial-driven to keep you buying them.

Didn't surprise me, but then I grew up with Saturday afternoon matinees featuring serial stories. If you missed a Saturday show, you might have missed a lot....but not really, because much like T.V. soap operas, they didn't move through the story that fast.

Back to my grandson....They are already talking about attending ComicCon! YIKES!

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Delightful entry, IMO, Pownkie! My brother and I used to read comic books, too, though, as you indicate, some people frowned on them. My mom felt as you do, that as long as we were reading, it was ok, maybe even good. DH (dear husband) and I let our kids read comics, also, though we were more careful than my parents were about which ones we alllowed or how often. And I'm sure my little GC will "discover" them, too, soon enough! :)

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Pownkie, there is a comic book emporium not far from our office here in midtown. We always talk about visiting it and your entry has made me want to go sooner rather than later! Thanks for sharing it and, of course, for your blog.  We're so glad you're here!

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