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  1. Do your kids/GC get out in the snow? Making "angels?" Building snowpeople or snow forts? Having snowball fights? Sledding? Skiing? Do you get out there w/ them or do you leave that to the parents (if you're a GP),  the GPs (if you're a parent) or other adult relatives or friends? Or are they old enough to be out there by themselves? Or does your family just not "do" snow? Or??
  2. Snowed In

    The winter weather here in New England this year is unbelievable . In the past 3 weeks we have had about 60" of snowfall and in some areas it is still snowing. Most news stations are reporting that the storm has moved on out. Forecasters are already talking about the next "plow able" storm brewing for Thursday night. Our little town has come to a screeching halt with most residents screaming Uncle! Luckily we have not lost power this time around. Many municipalities have closed for the day and parking bans remain in effect so that emergency vehicles can do their jobs. Schools are closed as are all State offices. The MBTA a has stopped service of all commuter rail service for trains and subways. A thick blanket of snow covers our little town as far as the eye can see. The sound of snow plows can be heard in the distance. The cleanup has begun. We feel trapped.......but not for long, after all we are New Englanders. We are used to the ever changing climate here. We know how fickle Mother Nature can be. Today dawn breaks and with it a renewed hope and resilience. We take the collective deep breath and together we begin the dig out. Neighbors emerge from their homes and one shovelful at a time we get it done. That's what we do here. What choice do we have? None. Most of us wouldn't have it any other way, THINK SPRING!....only 38 days! http://www.finallyfinishing.com
  3. So tired of winter, w/ its chilly winds, snow and ice! But one good part is the joy that my granddolls get out of playing in the snow - and the pleasure I get in watching them do it or hearing all about it! They've built 2 small snowmen, this winter (w/ YDD's help), made lots of snow angels, thrown a few snowballs (sigh), gone sledding w/ YDD and friends a couple of times and love to make "trails" in the snow every chance they get. Recently, they went skiing w/ their mom, ODD and SIL (kids took lessons on the "bunny slope," etc.).   How about you? Do your kids or the grand(other relative)kids you take care of enjoy playing in/on the snow?   Then again, maybe you're in a snowfree climate. If so, please let us know, also, how your kids/GC/other relative kids are spending their time outdoors this winter...
  4. To all those of you who are expecting to be hit with a major snowstorm this weekend - hope you and yours stay warm and safe!   Of course, I'm also wondering how it affects/how you think it might affect your caregiving situation. If you have the time and inclination, please let us know. But again, mostly, just stay safe!
  5. OT - Snowstorm Warning!

    If you're in the path of the coming snowstorm, this is just to hope that you and yours stay warm and safe!