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  1. Lights....Camera....Action

    My grand-son and I went to the movies last weekend, something we do quite often. We saw "Saving Mr. Banks"; a beautiful story of Walt Disney and the making of the movie Mary Poppins. It was a wonderful film and one that gave us plenty to talk about on our ride home. I love movies. I come by this passion naturally as my parents were movie lovers too. Our family of 8 lived in a tiny 5 room apartment in a Veteran's Housing Project. By today's standards we would be considered poor; movies were always considered affordable family entertainment. Whether it was a Sunday night episode of The Wonderful World of Disney or a trip downtown on a Saturday afternoon with my siblings, the theater was a familiar and loved activity of my youth. One of my earliest memories of growing up is being herded into the old family station wagon on a hot, summer night for the brief drive to the local Drive-In movie theater. Apparently comfort was never a consideration as there were six pajama clad children in the back of the wagon and parents up front. An old blue cooler and thermos tucked between then for snacks, as expensive concession visits were never an option. The movie was always a family flick and something we would no doubt talk about at a later date; probably around the dinner table. History has a way of repeating itself. My husband and I raised three movie buffs and now they are doing the same. It is said that "children will live what what they learn." I guess in this case it is true.
  2. Blue Man Group- Boston and I-Pods, Oh My!

    I love Boston, Massachusetts. I live about 45 minutes from this beautiful historic city but don't get in nearly enough. There is so much to see and do there so when my oldest grandson expressed an interest in seeing the show Blue Man Group I quickly agreed to take him while seizing the opportunity to go to the city I love. As luck would have it the temperature that day was freezing cold with howling winds. It was impossible to walk around the city or do any sight seeing so instead we went into a nearby restaurant to have lunch and escape the brutal cold. Once inside and seated my grandson immediately took out his I-pod and picked up the restaurant's wireless internet signal. I couldn't believe my eyes. We had discussed the issue of the electronics before we left for the show and it was agreed that he could use his i-pod on the train only. I reminded him of our agreement and he begrudgingly put the device in his pocket. We ordered our meal and small talked about "this and that" while the restaurant began to fill with families going to various shows. By the time our meal came I couldn't help but notice that at least half of the diners around us were using some sort of electronic device at their table, i.e.I-Phone, I-Pads and I-Pods. Of course my grandson noticed too and quickly asked once more if he could use his too. Again I said no. I was amazed at the people nearby not talking to each other but on their mobile devices texting or talking instead. One man actually had ear buds in while his daughter chatted away unaware that he couldn't hear her. I was bothered more than I expected but put it aside and concentrated on my own day in the city. My grandson and I enjoyed the show immensely and made our way back to the train station to head home. Once on the train my boy could barely wait to "plug in" for the ride home. I sat quietly deep in thought. I couldn't help but wonder about what would happen to human contact and the "art of conversation"' for people today. I know, I know, this is the generation gap we all hear about but it still makes me sad. How will society be able to connect on a personal level when we are "glued" to these mobile computers screens. Where is the smile, the sigh or smirk in a text? How will we see tears in a loved ones eyes through e-mail or know if we have hurt someone's feelings? I don't know, I guess its up to us then to show them, to remind them and model for them the value of human connection that can only be found face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart.