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  1. I've tuned in to Deepak Chopra's online program TimelessYou here on grandparents.com and I have to say , my 60 year old self is really excited. My 38 year old self might even say I am "psyched". Now in session #2, A Youthful Mind, Deepak Chopra introduces us to the importance of Flexibility, Creativity and the Innocent Mind. He guides us through thoughtful exercises within each of these categories with wisdom and care. He teaches us that ""PEOPLE DON'T GROW OLD....... WHEN THEY STOP GROWING THEY BECOME OLD. What a wonderful message and reminder to live open and mindful each precious moment in front of us. I've been told by people who know me quite well that I am a tad "controlling" and somewhat of a "perfectionist". I know I can be. That's because I'm a natural born worrier. It isn't easy thinking of everything and everybody; something gets lost in the shuffle and it's usually me. So here I am, "back in the saddle" again and looking for help. There have been many interesting assignments for this second session and I did them all the best that I could. The one that has resonated with me though is the 10 minute mindful walk. 10 minutes to simply observe what I see. Boy, did I need this! I am coming off of a running injury so it has been a long healing process and I've missed my daily run. I walked as instructed and just took it all in. The sun was setting and it was very cold. The snow was blowing off the rooftops and it looked like glitter swirling in front of me. I feel exhilarated. This is certainly not be the first time I have pledged to take care of me. I just hope that this time I can sustain my enthusiasm and make mindfulness the habit I need.