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  1. As the regular caregiver for my 2 DGC (dear grandchildren), I'm often fortunate enough to get invited to join them and their mom/my YDD for fun holiday events. For example, yesterday, I had the pleasure of going w/ them and my ODD to a "Santa's/Restoration Village," as I describe in Gigima's "GC are such fun!" thread in the General Gabbery. I don't get included in everything, of course ( for example, YDD still takes the kids to tell 'Santa' what they want for Christmas, but hasn't asked me along in a while). Also, some outings I decline, simply b/c I have other appointments or need some me-time, etc. But now I'm wondering... If you're the nanny granny (or grampie, etc.) or frequent babysitter for your GC (grandchildren), do you find you get to do a lot of Christmas or Hanukkah, etc.) activities w/ them, such as going to "meet" Santa Claus? Or do the parents tend to keep these activities just for/as a bonding experience for their core family (parents & kids)? Or to share w/ the GPs/relatives who don't babysit? Or hey, if you're not the go-to babysitter for your GC, do you find yourself getting invited to share these kinds of holiday events? Or inviting your GC (and perhaps their parents, also) to share certain holiday-themed/vacation activities w/ you? Or do the parents tend to include only the GPs/relatives who are caregivers/babysitters for the kids? Or as asked above, do the parents prefer to keep those events for just their nuclear family? Or as a parent, do/did/would you ever include any GPs in holiday-related activities? Or do/did/would you do those w/ just your own family unit?
  2. Will you be going apple-picking w/ your kids or the GC/relative kids you take care of this year? Or have you ever done so? Or will you be sharing/have you shared any other fun fall activities w/ them?
  3. GP.com just posted this delightful article about crafts you (general) can do for Christmas/the December holidays: http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/holiday-activities-and-crafts/homemade-christmas-decorations   Now I'm wondering, do you have any DIY projects that you do w/ your children of the GC/relative kids you take care of? Whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc., would love to hear about them...
  4. In honor of the coming GP Day, GP.com has posted an article on ways to stay in touch w/ LDGC (long distance grandchildren) over holidays and in general: http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/long-distance-grandparents/ways-to-stay-connected   Most of the ideas have often been discussed in here. But 2 of them caught my attention. So I'm asking for your thoughts and, perhaps, experiences on them in 2 separate threads., this one and "Staying Connected at a Distance: Part 2": http://community.grandparents.com/index.php/topic/13118-staying-connected-at-a-distance-part-2/   Here I'm wondering about the suggestion of "shared activities" from afar. Are there any hobbies, sports or other activities that you and your LD family all enjoy and can discuss over video chat or the phone/via FaceTime? Maybe even a TV show or two? How does/would that work for you and yours?
  5. April showers may bring May flowers, but they also often keep kids inside and looking to be "entertained."   If there's no further HW and the chores are done, how do you help your children or the grand(relative)kids you take care of  find "something to do?" Do you have any creative ways of keeping them occupied or do you tend to leave it all up to the TV, computer, etc? Or do you, instead, leave it up to the kids, themselves? Hey, even if don't have/are not watching any kids, these days, please feel free to share your ideas below...
  6. What are some of your favorite winter activities? Sledding? Skiing? Ice skating? Building a snowman (perhaps together w/ the kids in the family)?  And, if you will, do you get to share any of these w/ your LOs, teens, AC (adult children), GC (grandchildren) or any other relatives? Especially (but not only) during the holidays?
  7. Homework (if any) has been done, snacks/meals have been eaten, the kids would love to play outside and you'd love to take them - but it's raining! Caregivers, parents, what do you do? What is/are your favorite solution(s) for keeping kids busy on a rainy day? DVDs? Art projects? Computer games? Hide "N" Seek? What?   Please share with us below. Your ideas may help someone else.
  8. Raining here this afternoon. So YDD says she's doing some cooking w/ the kids. What do you do to keep your children/GC/relative kids occupied (and keep yourself from going "nuts") on a rainy day?
  9. "Grandma Camp"

    Perhaps you've heard that some GPs host a "Grandma (and/or Grandpa) camp, every summer or whenever it works best for them. Is/could this be part of your experience? If you host such a camp who's invited? Or if your kids go to one, is it just for them or are their other GC (their cousins), too? Either way, is it for a day? an overnight? a week? Is it just once a summer (or whenever) or a few times? What activities do you offer? And do the parents get any input?   Please answer any or all of my questions below. And please feel free to add any other thoughts you may have on the topic...
  10. Some people worry that kids, today, don't play outside enough. Please let us know, below, any time you take your grand(or other relative)kids outdoors and what activities you engage them in. Whether it's playing in their/your backyard or going to the zoo, an amusement park, etc., please feel free to tell us about it. Also, if you will, please share with us any new ideas for outdoor activities with kids.
  11. It's wintertime, which means many of us are spending more hours indoors. What's your favorite activity to engage  kids in when you're taking care of them inside and homework isn't an issue? Reading? Arts 'n' crafts projects? Video/computer games? TV/DVDs? Music and dancing? Board games? Imaginative play? Or?? And do you tend to share these activities with them or encourage them to enjoy them on their own or with each other, if there are more than one?
  12. Fall is here! What is your favorite fall activity? Apple-picking? Raking leaves? Carving jack-o-lanterns? The advent of football season? Autumn art projects? Or ??   Whatever it is, do you get to share it with the grand(other relative)kids you take care of? Or have they changed what you think of as fall fun? (Perhaps, for example, they're more into jumping in those piles of leaves, rather than raking them up!)   Please answer any/all of my questions below. Your reply can be long or short and please feel free to add any other thoughts you have on the topic...
  13. Are You "Nana Nature?"

    Are you the kind of GM (grandmother) or GF (grandfather) who loves to share the wonders of Nature with the GC (grandchildren)? Do the parents let you? Do they join in?    Please post your reply below. It can be long or short and pleae feel free to add any other thoughts you might have on the topic.
  14. Rainy Day Fun!

    Grrr! Raining on-and-off, today! Fortunately, I'm not watching my GC! But it makes me think about rainy day activities for kids. Do any of you have some good suggestions? If so, please feel free to post them below...
  15. Kids "N' Crafts

    Do you ever do arts 'n' crafts projects with the GC/relative kids you take care of? If so, do you/they have any favorites? And/or do you have any suggestions, along these lines, for other caregivers to try?
  16. Do your grand(other relative) children play outside? Or do you feel they spend too much/all their time indoors with the computer, video games, etc?
  17. Do you think the grand(other relative)kids you take care of spend too much time watching TV and DVDs, playing video or computer games, texting or emailing, etc? Or do you enjoy the same technological pastimes they do and encourage them to participate?
  18. Happy Baking Days?

    Do you and your friends and/or relatives get together for "baking days" during the holiday season? If so, do you bake cookies together or cakes and pies? And are they for "Christmas Dinner" or another special holiday event? Or do you keep them at home to share and enjoy throughout the season? Hope that's not too many questions! Please feel free to answer as many - or as few - as you like below!