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  1. A member asked if we could continue my old "All About Potty Training" thread. But I decided to open a new one instead, basically asking the same questions... What age do you think is the best to begin potty training? And what's the best method? Is there any value to letting daycare workers or preschool teachers help w/ this job? Please feel free to share your favorite tips here b/c they may help some parent or GP caregiver who is reading this and dealing w/ just this topic. Also, if you're struggling w/ a child's potty training, at the moment, please feel free to ask any questions you have below...
  2. When looking at baby registry lists for parents-to-be in my family, I've noticed something - often the desired diaper bags are "designer" ones or neutral-colored ones, described as "could pass for a tote bag" or even, "doubles as a tote." Rarely, if ever, do I see the cutesy kind w/ little animals on them, etc. Is this the latest trend? Are many new parents going for a more sophisticated look, even when carrying baby paraphernalia? Or ??
  3. As many of you know, "baby led weaning" (BLW) refers to the trend of by-passing purees and beginning, when baby is about 6 months old, to let baby learn to feed themselves solid foods. B/c babies are inexperienced at dealing w/ such foods, there often is a certain amount of gagging before they get the hang of it. Understandably, this is vey frightening for some people though others swear by it as a more effective way of teaching children to self-feed. In fact, recently, in the MIL Anonymous forum, an OP worried about what her MIL's reaction would be to BLW. So now I'm asking if you do/did/would do BLW w/ your baby and if you let/would let a GP/other relative babysit your child during the BLW period. Or if, as a GP/other /relative, you feel you could handle BLW if you were babysitting. Also, if a GP/relative can't deal w/ BLW, is there a compromise? Or do you feel that the GP/relative would need to forgo babysitting during BLW?    
  4. Found this linked on GP.com's FB page: http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/discipline-and-behavior/what-teens-wont-tell-parents So now I'm wondering... Do GPs often have a special role to play w/ their adolescent GC? Do you feel a GP can, sometimes, approach their teenage GC "more subtly" as the article suggests or respond to some adolescent issues in a better way somehow? Or ??
  5. New things?

    Last year, a friend of YDD's told her about a younger cousin who wouldn't accept handmedowns/only wanted new items for her new baby. Since then, my DDs and I have become aware of a few other new moms who only seem to want "new things"/ politely decline all offers of used items, no matter how good the condition, whether clothes, strollers, etc. Coincidence? Or is "new things only" a going trend?
  6. We've talked about HW (homework) in here before and some of you have expressed concerns about it's being unhelpful or disruptive of family life or of some teacher giving "too much." So I was searching the Web for possible alternatives and saw a range of interesting ideas. Most of them focused on involving the kids more in the learning process. Some still entailed an HW assignment, such as having students read a story or article. But instead of answering questions about it, the task would be to come up w/ a few questions they have about the story/article. Some, instead, suggested assignments the kids could do in class, such as working in small groups, finding ways to demonstrate a concept the teacher had just taught - acting it out, writing a collective poem about it, drawing relevant pictures, etc. On a few sites I found a chart listing some suggested HW alternatives. But then I saw it was old - from 2013. As such, it occurred to me that some teachers may already be implementing such ideas? So now I'm asking... Have you noticed/heard of any of these or other alternatives to traditional HW in your child(ren)'s/GC's classes? And,do you think they benefit/have benefited/would benefit from them?
  7. Do you favor placing babies/toddlers in a playpen/play yard often, perhaps for safety reasons? Or as infrequently as possible, to give them more chance to roam freely/explore, etc? Does it make a difference whether or not they're w/ a parent or a GP/relative caregiver (or a hired caregiver, for that matter)? And, if you will, how much difference do you see, if any, between the traditional - old-fashioned (?) - playpen and today's play yards?
  8. Re: nap time

    How much nap time do you feel the "average" toddler needs? How about the "average" preschooler? Sometimes a GP/relative babysitter/caregiver has come in here complaining that the parents want the LO (little one) to nap more/less than works for them (the babysitter/caregiver). How would you handle that situation? Or how have you handled it in the past if it happened to you? Or, if you're a custodial GP/relative, what do you do if the parents visit and want the LO to nap more/less that LO's usual schedule allows?
  9. Teen Jobs

    Do/did you encourage your teenage kids/GC to get an afterschool or weekend job for spending money, to save towards college expenses and/or to learn responsibility, etc? Or do/did you discourage it b/c you worried that it would interfere w/ academics or extracurriculars? Or ??
  10. In a MILA thread, the subject came up of differences between spouses/parents as regards telling young children "where babies come from.". How do/did/would you handle any such differences? Do you feel that parents need to be on the same page about how to answer such questions? And if one parents gives a response the other doesn't agree w/, how do you think the other parent should deal? Is it ok for each parent to give a slightly different explanation? Or ?? Same question if you're raising your GC/relative kids? But also, in that case, do the parents have any say in how this topic is addressed?
  11. Well, dare I say it? - summer vacation is about half over, more than half for some (YDD goes back to school before Labor Day, her kids, after), Are your your kids/GC getting ready fir school? Picking out supplies? Brushing up on skills? Or... ?
  12. GP.com recently posted this article about talking to teens and preteens about some serious topics http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/you-and-your-grandkids/communicating-with-teens Now I have 3 questions on my mind (please feel free to reply to any one or more of them): 1. Has anyone here ever remained in the "granny nanny or grampy or auntie, etc.)" role long enough to be supervising teens or "tweens" - say, being there for them when they came home from school or maybe taking them on vacations, etc? Or  did you or your kids were ever spent alone time w/ a GP (or other relative) in these ways? 2. Is/was your relationship close enough that the kinds of questions in the article might come up? Or was your relationship w/ your own GPs - or your teenage kids (if any) relationship w/ their GPs - close enough for this to happen? 3. How do you, generally, deal w/ such difficult topics when talking to teens? Does it depend on whether or not they are your kids?
  13. The tween years, as I think we all know, can be awkward and confusing - for both tweens and their parents. Where socializing is concerned, for example, they may feel "too old" for play dates but "too young" for dating and relationships. How do/did your middle school children/GC socialize? (Or how do you remember socializing at that age?) Does/did it involve any kind of dating? And, if you'd like, what do you think is the best way for this age group to get together/hang out w/ each other?
  14. Free, full-day pre-kindergarten is now offered where I live for the "older" preschoolers/children around 4 years of age. And while some people applaud this development, others think a full school day is "too long" for pre-K. So I'm wondering, do/did any of your children or GC attend pre-K (or the equivalent) and full day or half day? Which do you think is better for that age? And, if you'd like, as a parent or GP caregiver, which is/would have been better for your schedule?
  15. Found this GP.com article which suggests ways to talk to teens about drinking/underage drinking:  http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/discipline-and-behavior/teenage-drinking That got me to thinking.... If you are/have been the parent of a teenager - or if you are/have been a GP raising an adolescent GC - which of the following most closely describe your policies on this issue? 1. We haven't really discussed the issue yet and I don't think we'll have to. 2. We've talked about it in a general way, but that's all. 3. There are definite rules in this house about drinking and consequences for breaking those rules. 4. Our main concern is drinking and driving. We've made a contract w/ our teen, saying we'll pick them up if they and their friends have been drinking - no questions asked. 5. We let our teen and their friends drink - even provide the liquor - as long as it's at home w/ one of us adults present. 6. Other
  16. When I was a young mom the CIO (cry it out) method of teaching babies to go to sleep was very popular. Parents I knew who followed this method started at about 3 or 4 months (but some earlier) and let their baby cry themselves to sleep. Some of those followed the then-popular "extinction" method of going in to check on and soothe baby at decreasing intervals (20 minutes, then 10, then 5), believing the "promise" that after the 3rd time, baby would definitely fall asleep for the night. One couple I know just let their baby CIO for an hour till he finally fell asleep. IDK how the parents got through that, but, apparently, they never had a problem getting him to sleep again.   By the time my DGC came along, the "ferberizing" or "gradual extinction" method of "sleep training" had been developed. As some of you may know, created by Dr. Richard Ferber, this method calls for going into baby at increasing intervals (5 minutes,  then 10 minutes, then 15 if need be). No doubt, this gentler than the older approach. But, as I recall, YDD still had concerns about the crying. She (and some of her friends, I believe) ended up using modified versions of ferberizing. IDK about anyone else, but YDD was successful w/ it. Then again, for her, this method worked in 2 or 3 nights and she never got to the "15 minutes" part on any night. IDK if she would have stuck w/ this approach otherwise.   But now I read, both on this site and elsewhere, that many parents today prefer not to let their child CIO, at all. Especially if they are practicing some version of AP. As I understand it, such parents prefer to rock, hold, etc. their baby until he/she falls asleep, even if baby wakens during the night and expects the same. Or they opt for co-sleeping. Or a combination.   So what all this is leading to is this: What do you think is the best way to get a baby to sleep? And what if there's a conflict over this between the parents and a GP/relative  babysitter/caregiver?
  17. When DM was a young mom, she used a diaper service for her babies. She thought this was great (it was) and fully expected that I would do the same when it was "my turn." But by the time I had my first child, disposable diapers were in vogue and that was my choice (DH didn't get too involved in childcare, back then). To her credit, this was one area where DM didn't try to insist that we do things her way. But she was clearly surprised when she first realize that I was going to use disposables.   Today, I understand that many young parents have gone back to cloth diapers for environmental and other reasons. YDD used disposables, but she said she knew a couple of moms who used cloth (and yes, one of them used a diaper service, but the other chose to clean her baby's diapers, herself).   So now I'm wondering what do/did you favor - cloth diapers or disposables? Also, if cloth, do/did you trust a diaper service or prefer to launder them yourself? And, if you will, did any of this ever cause any parent/GP conflict?
  18. According to my DM, back when I was little,  my MGM got me to stop sucking my thumb long before DM thought it was time. DM resented this, but continued to let MGM be a big part of my life and to see her as the babysitter-of-choice when needed. Now I'm wondering if you think there's any specific age by which children should stop using various security items, such as a "blanky," teddy bear, pacifier, or even their own thumb (or other fingers), etc. And given my DM's experience w/ my MGM, I'm also wondering if you've ever run into a parent/GP conflict over such an issue and how it was handled? Would you handle it the same way today? (Same questions regarding such conflicts between custodial GPs and other relatives.)
  19. This GP.com article is rather old, but it's somewhat different take caught my attention: http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/discipline-and-behavior/managing-rude-grandchild-behavior What do you think? And how do/did/would you usually deal w/ rude behavior on the part of teens or preteeens?
  20. As a parent or GP/relative caregiver, have you ever had to deal w/ a middle schooler w/ an "attitude?" If so, when did it begin to develop - as soon as they entered middle school? later? earlier? And how do/did you handle it?
  21. The Word "No!"

    Every now and then, I read that toddlers hear the word "No" too often, as they are being taught limits. But I wonder, how well we can teach them this w/o using the simple word, "No."   What do you think are some of the most effective ways to show LOs that there are things they can't touch or places they can't go, etc? As a GP babysitter/caregiver, do you see eye to eye on this topic w/ the parents of your GC or is it an "issue?"   Or as a parent do/did you ever find that this is/was a bone of contention between you and the GPs?
  22. .... what do you feel are/were the perks of your choice, if any? And/or what problems, if any, do/did you face in relation to it?   @ the guys - What do you feel are/ were the pluses and/or minuses of your DW's/SO's baby feeding choice?   @ All - Of course, all other observations and opinions on this topic are welcome.       ETA: If you're a granny (or other relative) nanny, how do the mom's feeding choices affect you're childcare routine, if at all?
  23. How much do/id/d/would you allow your teenage children to socialize? Is/was/would hanging out after school be ok? Or only on weekends on holidays? At the mall, etc. or only in supervised situations? And/or at what age did/will/would dating start? How about double or group dating?
  24. Tantrums!!!

    What do you feel is the best way to deal w/ a tantrum? Is it different for a GP/relative caregiver than a parent?   Also, though I tagged this as a "toddler" and "preschooler" topic, I know older kids, sometimes, can throw a fit, too. Have you ever had to deal w/ that? And if so, did you handle it any differently than you would w/ a toddler? Or if you ever have to face that, in the future, do you think you'll respond any differently than w/ a toddler or the same way?
  25. Do/did you ever worry about peer pressure/influence on your teenage or "tweenage" kids/GKs? How do/would you handle it or how have you handled it in the past? Or what do/did/would you say when a teen/tween protests, "But everybody's doing it!?" Also, how much does/did/would it depend, if at all, on what the pressure is about?   Please feel free to answer any or all of these questions below...