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  1. ... what's your situation? Do you have custody or guardianship? Or have you adopted them? Or perhaps you're their foster parent till their bio parents turn their lives around? Or? And, if you will, what do you find is your biggest challenge in these circumstances? Your greatest reward?
  2. Whether you're raising your grandchildren or watching them frequently, etc., do you find the joys outweigh the challenges or vice versa? Are you grateful for the role you play in their life, resentful of the (perhaps unexpected) responsibility or a little bit of both? Or ??
  3. What do/did you find to be your greatest challenge, as you raise(d) your kids/GC (or other relative children)? Or in taking care of your GC/relative kids while the parents are at work or out for an evening, etc?
  4. Are you raising your GC (grandchildren) or other relative kids? Whether you're a new or "old" member of this site, a regular poster or someone who has just been lurking, please come in and tell us about your situation (if you're new here, just post in the Reply box below and hit "Submit Reply"). Do you have custody of the child(ren), have you adopted them, or are you just raising them informally? And, if you will, what are some of your challenges, joys and/or frustrations? Even if you've posted about your scenario before, please feel free to let us know about any new developments or new thoughts you've had about it. If you were raising your grands/relative kids, in the past, please come in and give us the benefit of your experience. Or if you will soon be in this kind of situation or are thinking about it, please feel free to post about any questions or concerns that you may have.