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  1. Do your kids/GC get out in the snow? Making "angels?" Building snowpeople or snow forts? Having snowball fights? Sledding? Skiing? Do you get out there w/ them or do you leave that to the parents (if you're a GP),  the GPs (if you're a parent) or other adult relatives or friends? Or are they old enough to be out there by themselves? Or does your family just not "do" snow? Or??
  2. A member asked if we could continue my old "All About Potty Training" thread. But I decided to open a new one instead, basically asking the same questions... What age do you think is the best to begin potty training? And what's the best method? Is there any value to letting daycare workers or preschool teachers help w/ this job? Please feel free to share your favorite tips here b/c they may help some parent or GP caregiver who is reading this and dealing w/ just this topic. Also, if you're struggling w/ a child's potty training, at the moment, please feel free to ask any questions you have below...
  3. The GP.com FB page is featuring the following article about GPs who think their AC/CIL are "too permissive" (my words): https://www.grandparents.com/family-and-relationships/family-matters/permissive-parenting Then again, there are GPs who have come in here and complained that their AC/CIL were "too easy" on the GC. And parents who gripe that the GPs are too lenient w/ their kids and bend/break parental rules, etc. So now I'm wondering... If you're a GP, have you ever thought your AC/CIL were too strict/too permissive? Or as the parent of underage kids, do/did you ever think either of these about their GPs? Or hey, have you ever felt that the parents/GPs of any other relative kids were too strict or too lenient?
  4. In the "in defense of his mother" thread in MIL Anonymous, the conversation, somehow, turned to manners. So now I'm wondering...Do you believe in teaching manners/etiquette to kids? To what degree? And, if you will, is it ok for a GP to insist on stricter manners/be more lenient about manners when watching their grands?
  5. What does the expression "helicopter parent" mean to you? Is there such a thing as a "helicopter GP?" Also, if you care to share, do you see your GC's parents as helicoptering? Or have they ever accused you of same as regards your babysitting/caregiving style? Or, as a GRG (grandparent raising grandchild/ren), have you ever been told you're "a helicopter?" Or if you know anyone that you feel is a helicopter parent/GP - a friend, cousin, aunt, nephew, etc - please feel free to draw on that, if you'd like, in this conversation.
  6. Do you favor placing babies/toddlers in a playpen/play yard often, perhaps for safety reasons? Or as infrequently as possible, to give them more chance to roam freely/explore, etc? Does it make a difference whether or not they're w/ a parent or a GP/relative caregiver (or a hired caregiver, for that matter)? And, if you will, how much difference do you see, if any, between the traditional - old-fashioned (?) - playpen and today's play yards?
  7. What do/did you find to be your greatest challenge, as you raise(d) your kids/GC (or other relative children)? Or in taking care of your GC/relative kids while the parents are at work or out for an evening, etc?
  8. In your opinion, does it really "take a village to raise a child?" And if so,  what does that say, if anything, about whether or not parents need help/support from GPs or other relatives? And as babysitters, granny (or other relative) nannies or ?? Also, if you're a GRG, do you feel you turn to other relatives for help/support as much/more/less than a parent would do? ETA: We've talked about this, on these boards, before, I realize, but not for a long time.
  9. Whether as a parent or a GP, what do/did you find to be your greatest childrearing challenge? (Same question if you're raising/have raised other relative kids.)
  10. Whether you're a parent w/ underage children or a GP/relative raising your GC/relative kids, at some time or other, you've probably been asked if a child could sleep over a friend's house or have a friend sleep over yours. At what age do you think it's ok/appropriate/good to allow this? Also, how do you feel about slumber parties (which I tend to think of as "sleepovers" w/ more than one or two guests )?   Please feel free to weigh in, also, if you've raised kids in he past or just happen to have opinions on this topic.
  11. I keep reading that this is Autism Awareness Month. And that got me to thinking... If you have an Autistic child or if the GC/relative kid you watch or are raising/co-parenting is on the spectrum, how are the challenges you face different from those of other parents or GP/relative caregivers, if at all? And, if you will, how are they the same?   ETA: The Topic Tags, "Autism" and "childcare," above, were actually meant to be entered separately, FWIW.
  12. In ShortStack50's recent thread in MIL Anon, 20thCenturyMotorCo mentioned parents who expect their AC to do things the way they "raised them" to. So now I'm wondering, do/did/would you hope/expect/assume that your kids will/would continue to practice the values you taught them growing up? And can you see being upset if that didn't happen? Same questions if you're raising/raised your GC/relative kids...
  13. Watching an old rerun of  "Full House" w/ DGD, one day, recently (she loves that show), I started thinking about how "Uncle Jesse" and family friend, "Joey" interact w/ the kids. If you've ever watched this show, you may recall that these two guys not only moved in w/ "Danny Tanner" and his DDs, after the mom passed away, but also help in the childcare and the childrearing. IOWs, they not only, sometimes, prepare school lunches and change baby diapers, etc., but also are allowed to give advice to the girls, make decisions about discipline, etc.   What's your take on this situation? Does it reflect the reality of what usually happens when other adult relatives share a household w/ a parent and their kids? And do you think this kind of arrangement makes sense?
  14. How does Daylight Savings Time affect your schedule, especially w/ your kids? Do you find yourself letting them stay outside more/planning more outdoor activities? Are you more likely to visit w/ grandparents, other relatives and/or friends for longer hours? Or??
  15. GP.com recently reprinted the article, "Why Some Grown Kids Cut Off Their Parents": http://www.grandparents.com/family-and-relationships/family-matters/estranged-children   As you'll see I had some trouble posting a response, but part of it came through - several times, lol! - and my full reply is on the 2nd page! Hopefully, GP.com will fix this.   Meanwhile, if you read/have read the article, you'll see that, contrary to the explanations usually given on these boards, the writer suggests that many AC, today, CO their parents, b/c of narcissism (ok, we've heard that here, sometimes). And that this narcissism is due to the fact that we boomers focused too much on building our kids' self esteem when they were growing up. But I'm wondering, could it be that, instead, many of us have raised strong individuals less willing to take some of the offenses that we might have taken years ago? Is it, perhaps, that we need to approach our AC differently than some - many (?) - of our parents approached us? Or is self esteem not even a factor?   Thoughts?
  16. In a thread in another forum, the issue of little kids going through a biting phase came up and I got me wondering... Have the GC/relative kids you take care of ever gone through a period of biting, scratching, hitting, kicking, hair-pulling, etc? If so, how do/did you handle it? If not, how do you think you would?   Also, if you like, does your approach mesh with that of the parents? Or is it a bone of contention between you? Or ??
  17. What do you think are the most effective ways to deal with these annoying habits that kids often develop in their attempt to express their feelings? And, if you will, do you and their parents agree on this?
  18. Kids and Chores

    Do you believe kids should have household chores? Or should HW (homework) and self-care (brushing teeth, etc.) be there only responsibilities? Also, if you will, should an allowance or any privileges be tied to any of this? And do you and the parents (if they're in the picture) see eye-to-eye on these issues?   Please answer any or all of my questions below. And feel free to add any other thoughts on the topic...