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  1. Coffee

    Awhile back when my grandson spent the night with me, we were just playing word games on our phones. For some reason, this activity produced a random observation from Jeffery.   “I don’t like coffee”, he said.  I asked if he had ever tried it to which he replied he hadn’t. With great conviction he told me he just knew he didn’t like it.  I said something like, well you don’t ever have to drink it.  Jeffery looked at me like I was an alien, and said, “yes, I will......it’s what you have to do when you’re an adult”. I kind of laughed and told him no one has to drink coffee. I told him I drink it because I like it.  “Pownkies, adults HAVE to drink coffee or they can’t get going in the morning.  It’s like their fuel. Everyone knows that”. I'm cracking up now, but I manage to point out that his mommy doesn’t drink coffee and he instantly replies that she drinks iced tea, which isn’t as strong as coffee and that’s why she runs out of gas in the afternoon and has to take a nap. How can I argue with that? I reassured him again that he doesn’t have to drink anything he doesn’t like and the matter is closed when he says stoically, “Well, I’ll probably like it when I’m a grownup”.
  2. Do you look forward to that first cup of coffee in the morning? Or that last cup of tea before bed? IOWs, are you a coffee person or a tea person? Or is there some other beverage you prefer?
  3. Like most people I love to receive gifts. Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, you name it but what I really love is the unexpected gift given by someone who really, really knows me. The gesture need not be expensive but thoughtful. A book by my favorite author, a fragrance I like or the perfect journal. These tokens let me know I was heard; someone listened, someone cared. You know the gifts I mean. The ones that catch you off guard, that touch your heart or take your breath away. Sadly these occasions are few and far between. Recently I had such an experience. I had driven the hour plus trek to my daughter' s house for a visit. I am a "white knuckle driver" and hate every second of the trip which requires me to be on a major highway most of the way. I arrived rattled but never the less in one piece. As I entered the kitchen the smell of freshly brewed coffee welcomed me. " Help yourself mom, I'll be right out", my daughter yelled from the children's room. "I bought you a new mug", she added. There next to the coffee pot was a brand new Beatles mug. For me, for no other reason except that my daughter knows that I love the Beatles. I poured a cup of my favorite brew into my new mug and basked in the moment of feeling so loved.