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  1. Calling All Guys, 2017!

    We have lots of women come on these boards - moms and GMs (grandmothers), MILs (mothers-in-law) and DILs (daughters-in-law) etc. But it would be good to hear from more of you guys, as well. So please come and join the few guys we already have here. When you're ready, please introduce yourself below and let us know about your grandparenting experience - good, bad or indifferent. Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions, etc. And perhaps, join in some of the other conversations in this community, as well.
  2. When I was a young mom, years ago, DH and I divided up our roles in a very traditional way, as did most of the young couples we knew. He was the "breadwinner" and I was a SAHM who did the bulk of childcare and housework. He pitched in w/ the house and the kids to some degree, but very little. It's the reason I felt the need for DM's help and even had her stay w/ us for about a week when I had ODD.   How about you? How do/did you and your spouse/SO divide up the childcare? And where does/did a GM (or GF) figure in, for that matter (or do they)?   Also  if you're a GP/relative caregiver of any kind, to what degree does your spouse/SO pitch in w/ the childcare, if at all?