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  1. Usually, no doubt, the arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion (barring illness, etc.).. But sometimes, the hopes/expectations of GPs or parents,  don't quote come true.. Are/were you disappointed in your experience as a new GP or GP2B? Perhaps you're used to a new baby being greeted early on by "all" the extended family, but DS (dear son) and DIL (daughter-in-law) or DD (dear daughter) and SIL (son-in-law) decided that they want the first couple of weeks w/ baby to themselves? Or you've heard your friends gush about being present at the delivery, but DD or DIL only wants her DH (dear husband) there w/ her? Or you cheerfully offered to babysit several times, to give the new parents "a break," only to have them decline every time? Or...  In short, have your hopes/expectations as a GP been seriously dashed? Or, for that matter, as a new parent or parent2b, are/have your plans/expectations ever been disrespected/disrupted by the GPs (of other relatives/ILs)?
  2. Are you  a new GP (grandparent) or GP2B (grandparent-to-be)? If so, are you among those whose excitement is overwhelming? Or among those who are numb inside and perhaps nervous about your new/upcoming role? Or something in between? Are you just bursting to share your joy with us? Or have you come here full of questions and concerns? Or both?   Please answer any or all of my questions below. Your reply can be long or short. And please feel free to add any other thoughts you have on the subject...
  3. I'm so excited, I finally have a topic. My MIL, who I adored, did one fairly incomprehensible thing. She had three children, the youngest of whom was spoiled shockingly, and as a result of extreme parental enabling, managed to drop out of multiple colleges and trade schools, worked for both my FIL and DH briefly before quitting, in addition to being a terrible employee, and never held any job for more than about 6 months. He is the classic loser-living-in-mom's-basement (except PILs bought him a house next door) that is the stock character in so many family sitcoms. His parents provided his car, paid for his house and its maintenance, shopped for his groceries and cooked for him, paid for his health insurance and just generally pounded money down this black hole of need for decades. Starting well over a decade ago, she'd occasionally get DH alone and tell him that after she and FIL were gone, it was his responsibility as the eldest to finance YB's lifestyle, and try to get DH to commit to doing so. MIL has sadly passed, and I am wondering if anyone else has had to deal with their parents' or PIL's pressure to care for siblings (disabled or just deadbeats) and what you did? Did any of you actually do it? If so, what contributions did you make?
  4. What do you wish, hope, fear, expect the coming year will bring to your life?
  5. What are you anticipating in the coming year, as concerns the GC/relative kids you are raising? Will they continue to live in your home or return to their parents? If they are still adjusting, do you think they'll settle in more? Are you planning to seek further help for them, if they need it, or take any new actions regarding the parents? Or ??  
  6. In the midst of CG;s thread, "I think I had a polite spine finally," a discussion opened up as to why some MILs (and FILs) just don't seem to "get" their AC/CIL wanting fewer visits or expecting MIL to wait for an invite, etc. What do you think is the reason?
  7. Happy  New Year,  everyone! DH and I are going to have the granddolls at our house for a few days, so I may not be in as much, during that time. For that reason, I'm putting up some of my "January"/New Year posts now.   What are your hopes, dreams, wishes, expectations and/or, yes, even fears for the coming year, if any? Please share them with us below...
  8. What's On Your Mind?

    What's on your mind, now that you're about to become/have just become a new GP (grandparent)? Are you looking forward to babysitting or hoping the parents don't ask? Anticipating lots of happy, fun, loving visits or worried that you might be "left out?" Are you excited about your new/coming role? Nervous? Or don't you think it will impact your life very much? Or... ??
  9. Surprise!?

    Have there been any surprises regarding your new or coming GB (grandbaby)? Were you, suddenly and unexpectedly asked to be the child's caregiver? Or given the news that the parents and child(ren) are soon moving far away? Or, if you don't mind telling us, was the announcement of the new baby a big surprise? Or ??
  10. Expectations

    As a new GP or GP2B (grandparent-to-be) what are/were your expectations of grandparenting? Do they seem to be panning out, so far? Or if you're a GP2B  do you think they will?