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  1. Gifts for your hobby

    Here comes December w/ its gift-giving holidays! Do you enjoy receiving gifts related to your hobbies/passions? Or do you find you prefer to buy hobby-related items yourself?
  2. Pets as Presents

    Do/would you ever give a pet as a holiday gift? Or have you ever received one as such?
  3. ... little girl and boyland..."   Ok, I guess I'm dating myself more than ever by bringing up that song! But I'm wondering if you ever buy toys for your GC (or other relative kids). And if so, what kind do you tend to favor - the classic or the trendy? simple or high-tech? just pure fun or educational? Are you the GP who likes to give every girl a Raggedy Ann and every boy a set of hand-operated trains? Or the one who usually shows up with the latest Dora or Barbie doll for the girls and a battery-powered helicopter for the boys? Or ??
  4. What's the best Mothers' Day gift you've ever received or given? Worst?
  5. Wedding Gift Etiquette

    In the "You need to apologize..." thread in MILA, Komorebi asked what the current etiquette is for wedding gift amounts if you (general) aren't actually attending the wedding. I'm wondering what the wedding gift etiquette is where you live/among your friends/family, in general (is there a certain amount guests are "expected" to spend/give?), as well as wondering about your answer to Komo's question. Would love to hear your reply to either or both below...
  6. Do you remember, as a child or teenager, ever wishing for something really hard? Maybe a gift you wanted for the holidays or your birthday? Or ??
  7. In her "spoiled child" thread in MIL Anon, MBear spoke, among other things, of GPs who give overblown Easter baskets. And recently, I heard an ad on the radio (sorry, I don't recall for what store/business) advertising such "Easter gifts" as bicycles, etc. - IOWs too big to fit even in a large, fancy basket! Is this a trend? And if so, what do you think about it? Are you or any of your family members/ILs into it? Is Easter, in short, becoming the "new Christmas?"
  8. Gifts for New Babies

    What are some of your best gift ideas for GPs (or anyone else) to get a new baby?
  9. I know Valentine's Day is over, but still, I'm wondering, of all the Valentine gifts you've ever received, what's your fave? Least fave? And/or what's your fave/least fave of those you've given?
  10. Gifting Estranged Grandchildren

    Sometimes, posters here advise an EP (estranged parent) against sending cards and/or gifts to their EAC's  b/c they likely won't be given to the kids and will just further irritate the parents. Also, some parents explain that they lengthen the duration of a TO every time they/their kids receive a card/gift.   But recently, on another site, I saw where some EPs were agreeing w/ each other that it's good to send cards/gifts, whether to the AC or GC, in an effort to "keep the door open." Also, to show the GC their GPs were still thinking about them - that is, if the parents were to give the cards/gifts to the GC. In case not, some of the EPs/EGPs said they buy 2 of every card and save the duplicate to show their GC someday if GC ever decide to seek them out later on.   One GM also said that on bday and Christmas cards to the GC, she and her DH always write, "We'd like to take you to pick out a gift." That way, she reasoned, her GC would know they didn't just stop sending gifts. Even if the parents didn't show them the card, she explained, the GC would see these comments, eventually, if they ever saw the duplicates.   Thoughts?
  11. We all know about "Santa's" gift lists. But who's on yours? Do you generally buy holiday gifts only for immediate or close family? Or do you also give presents to extended family and/or ILs? (If you divide up the gift-buying w/ your spouse/SO, please feel free to tell us about that, too.)
  12. A number of young women in my FOO are currently pregnant and, when I've looked at their baby registries, I notice I see very little that's colorful or has cute, baby-related patterns. Oh, the clothes often do (though not always). But I'm talking mostly about all the baby paraphenalia - the infant carseats, strollers, diaper bags, etc. In fact, much of what's desired seems to be in solid black or gray(more "sophisticated" maybe?). Recently, I found myself buying black diaper bags - no designs - for 2 different couples and gray for another one. Lovely - but I'm just surprised at the lack of, say, pics of babies, blocks or rattles, etc. on them. Is this just true w/ my relatives or does it reflect a new trend?
  13. Last week we talked about Mother's Day gifts. Now I'm asking what do you think is the best wedding/bridal shower gift you ever gave/received? And if you will, what is the worst?   (I know this has come up before in some other threads. But we've had new people come in since then, etc.)
  14. Have/would you ever given/give a MD gift or card to an expectant mother? If a gift was/would it be something for the coming baby or something for the mom, herself?
  15. Check out this GP.com article about gifts for new moms: http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/new-grandparents/creative-gifts-for-new-moms   What do you think? Would you like to receive or give any of these? Also, any new gift ideas of your own to share? Or "old" ideas that you feel are tried-and-true?
  16. Are you ready for Valentine's day? Kids got their valentines for school all ready to go? Do you have all the ingredients for that special dinner? Or have you made reservations and got a sitter for the kids, if any? Guys, have you bought those flowers (or do you prefer to wait for the day)? How about chocolates? Or??   Whatever you've got planned, even if it's nothing, have a really happy one!
  17. What do you think are some of the best gifts for Baby's 1st Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?
  18. Say the parents of the GC/relative kids you take care of have a list of gifts that people can get their children for the holidays, As a granny/relative nanny, do you think you know those kids and their parents' rules well enough that you don't need one? If you watch them at their house, do you think you also know, more specifically, what they have/need/etc well enough not to need that list? Or do you prefer to have the list, anyhow?   Also, if you're the parent of underage kids, how do you see this issue? (Others please feel free to weigh in, too, as always.)    
  19. What do you feel is the best gift you ever gave anyone on Father's Day (or received if you're a dad)? The Worst?
  20. It's May and Mother's Day is fast approaching! And so I wonder... If you're raising your GC/relative kids, who do you think they'll be making/buying Mother's day cards/gifts for - you (or your DW if you're a man) or their bio mom ? And, while we're at it who do they seem to see as their "real mom" (if you have any idea, at all)?                                                      
  21. The Gimmes!

    Do the kids in your life seem to get "the Gimmes" around Christmas and/or Hanukkah? If so, how do you and/or the parents handle it?   Also, if you will, do you think more is expected of a GP/relative caregiver, by the kids or their parents, than of other GPs/relatives?   As always, please feel free to add any other thoughts you have on this topic, as well...
  22. What do you feel is the best Valentine's Day gift you've ever received/given? And/or, if you will, the worst?
  23. Exercising My Right.(to change my mind)

    Earlier This year I decided I would give family gifts to my three adult children instead of individual gifts for each member. This idea was met with enthusiasm from each family and I was thrilled. I figured I'd have a few online orders and practically no wrapping. I would be finished early and then be able to enjoy the holidays stress free. My daughter and her husband chose theater tickets to a show that they have been wanting to see. I bought the tickets online and promised my babysitting services. DONE. My son's family wants a gaming system for their kids and I guess it works for playing movies too so that was easy. DONE. My other son wanted a software program for his computer. DONE. A few baby things and an obligatory gift or two and I have wrapped up my Christmas obligations while saving a bit of money too. That should be good right? Wrong. I am feeling lost, left out and completely unfulfilled. Each day I see something special I want to give someone on my now non existing list but I stayed strong; well, kind of. I tried, I really did . I made an effort to sit back and enjoy the spirit of Christmas but that was the problem. I had too much time on my hands. I made an effort to fill my time with cookie and candy making but that wasn't enough. I wanted my loved ones to have at least one Christmas surprise under the tree so I went shopping. The kind of shopping I vowed not to do this year. Mall shopping! Soon one thing led to another and I had small inexpensive trinkets for some and not others. That created a problem so I have been scurrying to even out my list. By the beginning of December I had picked up my knitting needles with hopes of making the ladies infinity scarves that I knew they liked; a lofty ambition this late in the season I know. I've been knitting myself blind the last few nights. It is the 22nd and I am not done and now I am behind in my wrapping and I'm beginning to feel stressed. I will have a house full on Christmas morning and I am far from ready. I have resigned myself to the fact that not everything will be done nor will it be perfect. There will be chaos and it is sure to be hectic; just the way I like it. Happy Holidays"
  24. The following question was posted by gga4ever in another conversation, but I copied it here, instead. (I made the type of your post larger, gga, so as not to be overshadowed, in any way, by the larger type I tend to use in OPs)...     gga4evr                Advanced Member                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Members                                                                              64 posts                                           0 warning points                   Posted Today, 12:12 AM                      I would like feedback on gifts for the girls other grandparents, great grandparents and extended family. What is "enough"? I have had to stop doing gift exchanges with my family because I have added not just the girls but feel they need to bring something for their family. (You can move my post if there is an appropriate place for it.. or I can.)  If you have any answers for gga's question, please post them below...   Meanwhile, I'm also wondering, how far you go in gifting extended family? For example, if, like gga, you're raising your GC, do you get presents for their other GPs? From you or from the kids? How about if you're not actually raising them? And whether you're a GP reading this or not, do you get gifts for the GGPs or any other family "extended" beyond GPs?                                         
  25. What's the best holiday gift you ever received? Worst? Or, if you will, the best/worst you feel you ever gave?   Please post your reply below. Feel free to make it long or short and to talk about a gift for any other occasion in addition or instead...