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  1. What do you think is the best advice to give kids about "mean girls" and other bullies at school, etc? And if  a GM (or GF or aunt, etc.) is the one who is there to greet them when they come home, how should that GM respond to any gripes about such bullies? Please feel free to draw on your own experiences, observations and/or just your thoughts on the topic...   ETA: I'm thinking, mostly, of kids in middle or high school. But I realize there are bullies at even younger ages.
  2. Kids DO say the darndest things!

    When my grandson, Jeffery, was 4 1/2 years old, he said to me: "I really like girls - 'cause they are REALLY important." I asked him "Girls are important?" Jeffery says, "Of course. They say REALLY important things." I thought to myself, wow! He had learned a crucial lesson very early on. I was so proud of him. It appeared to me that my grandson was gifted and had great knowledge and understanding of the mysterious workings of the world. I took this to mean he held his mother (my daughter) in high esteem. And I, as well. I was able to bask in this wonderful euphoria for one and a half years. Then he turned SIX! It seemed that a switch was flipped and my pride and joy suddenly fell victim to gender roles. Girls now became disgusting....COOTIE-fied! By a stroke of luck, my daughter and I were spared this new demotion. According to Jeffery, we were not girls, we were Mommy and Grammie. I reminded him that he used to think girls were important, and he gave me a look. It was as though he were suddenly an adult, and the look said it all: "Grammie, I was just a baby then and hadn't figured it out yet, but now I know!" I'm working on changing his perception, but this may take time given that I am fighting against the pack mentality of a group of 1st grade boys.