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  1. Gaming with my grandson

    Well, now my grandson is 11years old and in middle school. He still loves to read (huge sigh of relief), but he also LOVES and LIVES to play video games. Especially the kinds that require acute motor skills, quick thinking and multi-tasking. Not the sort of things I’m that great at now that I’m 70 years old. But I do try and he is very encouraging.  He squeals with amusement when I get frustrated because my avatar “dies”. He particularly enjoys playing Geometry Dash which made me shudder (thoughts of barely passing math still haunt me) until he explained that it didn’t really involve math skills. No, this game was far more challenging than doing equations.  ‘It required navigating thru obstacles and collecting strange things that are valuable and pop up out of nowhere, all while avoiding other strange things that will cause your avatar to “die”. Oh, and I must mention that all this happens at the speed of “wait!  What was that?  Did I need that?  Wait, I’m “dead” again?”  This causes Jeffery to drop on the floor in spasms of uncontrollable giggles. I’m left staring at the blank screen. “Try it again, Grammies!”  I told you he was encouraging.  After several attempts with Jeffery coaching me, I still can’t master it. I pass the controls over to him, happy for the break.  ‘He’s through the first three levels before I realize he’s been “coaching” me with the wrong information.....deliberately sabotaging my efforts for his own amusement.  Smart cookie!  He realized early on that these games are not my forte. They move way too fast for me....but, I am still an integral part of our “play-time”.  I’m comic relief!  As a grandma, I am happy and honored to serve!
  2. Our grandson who will be 4 in August, has just spent a week with us in Pa. We flew him back to his parents in Florida and he now wants nothing to do with us. We even stayed in Fl a few days and he only wanted his mommy. We are very close to him, seeing him at least every 8 - 10 weeks since he has been born. While he was here he had a wonderful time with us. We did not leave his side and did fun things with him everyday! He only asked one time why he keeps staying here. We face timed with his mommy and he was excited but never said he missed them. We just tried to FaceTime with him and he got mad and wouldn't talk to us. Looking for a reason or some advice. My heart is broken!
  3. As I posted before me and my in-laws have gone our seperate ways I had no plans on talking to them for quite some time, my hubbys b day came around, my mil called and told us she was throwing a bday dinner and we need to be there, my husband did not even get to pick what restaurant he wanted to eat at..it was just be here at w/e time.   I said I wanted my husband to go, spend time with his family I was going to stay at home with my teething grouchy baby..my in-laws were told this so my fil (ugh) called to tell us they were coming to our home instead, uninvited saying  if I did not want to go he was going to come over and just stare at me while the family ate and celebrated my dh's bday  :/ we were upset told him no that he was not coming over and he started yelling "why what is going on over there" and he was on his way ...story short we went to the restaurant...    Mil half assed apologized fil ofcourse did nothing wrong, still no communication it is all swept under the rug and everything is FINE .. we are all "talking" again kind of anyway my mils behavior is worst than ever, two close family members of hers are dying slowly and painfully and she is obviously affected she cries and demands to see her gs but to me she is falling apart and tho I wish I could help her during such a difficult time the mother in me says no.   I want her to get hobbies or talk/spend time with adult family not try and spend so much time with my infant while all this is going on.. She will cry all day and night, scream, just being rude it also seems phoney to me ....my fil acts so smug and matter of fact after forcing us to go to dinner but supposedly she is just falling to pieces, her life's in shambles what is he doing to help his wife?. She just wants her gs around... requesting a whole day visit and or overnights, requesting days at a time wanting to always be around and I do not really want her around.   My mil also has dark bruises and huge cuts on her body supposedly from fainting due to stress/depression it's all so odd to me and as a mom I just feel it's wrong for her to want to hide her pain using my infant son, she is going through a lot I understand that but I also feel my in-laws are up to nonsense and that involving my baby is not appropriate   Opinions?
  4. hello, just signed up for this grandparents.com site.  no local St. Louis support groups that I have been able to find.  have 2 grandsons 4-1/2 and 2-1/2.  my son, his wife and the kids live in same town as me.  i have been able to see boys about once a month.  I ask occasionally if i can keep the older one overnight to bond and have some special Grammie time.  always refused - i don't know why.  My DIL is jealous of my re/ship with my son; she is controlling, and does not like me.  She does not work outside home; became pregnant upon college graduation.  This was not my son's choice to start a family right away.  They got married when pregnant with #2.  i have been able to only BB sit a handful of times in 4-1/2 years.  i am not crazy, don't smoke, don't drink, have been employed same company over 40 years.  i miss the boys and just want some time with them.  recently DIL was pregnant with #3.  she lost the baby 2 weeks ago. it was a girl. . . DIL has said bad things about me to her whole family. . . .i went over and tried to do something nice by cleaning up their house.  my son said thx.  now they both won't let me see the boys when i asked saturday after taking them their laundry i washed. . . .sigh. . .don't know who to turn to. . .any suggestions?  thank you.
  5. This is complicated so I will give a brif account to why I am in this situation.   When I was 19 I was bullied and lied into surrendering my son by my parents and the adoption agency.  Naturally I never forgt about him and lived in the hope that one day he would want to find me.   In 2004 my husband and I thought it would be fun to do our family trees so we joined up with Genes Reunited.  After I put in basic information it came up with a match for another tree.  To keep it short it was my son as he joined using the names I gave him and at this point he had just turned 23.    It turned out he had found my family in 1999 when he was 18.  Unfortunately my family chose to keep up with the lies as to why he had been adopted.  They even told him they didn't know where I was for the next 5 years.  It was true that they didn't know where I was from early 1999 to 2001 as I had fallen out with them but as my sister worked for the job centre she could have found out where I was quite easily.  However there was no excuse for my parents not to tell him when I contacted them nor did they tell me they had contact with him..    It was a complete shock for my son to find out the whole truth,  Anyway we got to meet three times between the September - November 2004 as he went to Canada to study.  During the period between August 2004 and December 2006 we had regular contact.  When we got on great it was fine but when he was unhappy I got the brunt of it.  Most of the time it was good as we have so much in common.   In December 2006 my son moved in with us as he 'needed to earn money before going back to Canada to finish his studies.'  We found out later this wasn't true but that's a side issue.  My son also told us he 'couldn't go back to his (adoptive) parents until he proofed he had changed his ways.   My son ended up living with us for almost 2009 when he met his now partner.  It had been eventful him living with us but I love my son so we dealt with the not so good times as best we could.  There was sporadic contact for several months mostly to do with mail for him as  he was looking for work.  He hadn't worked in all the time he lived with us.  Eventually we wanted to get the last of his belongings to him so contacted him about it.  My son turned nasty over imagined wrongs I had done and blamed me for all the letters he had recieved in reference to his debts which he turned around and claimed were mine.  Obviously there is more to this as my son blames everybody else for what's bad in his life including his adoptive parents.  They are a lovely couple who have loved him unconditionally and have always put his needs before their own.   I have only contacted him twice since then.  One was a letter sent via his adoptive parents to give him an update on medical information (in 2010)) as my health has worsened and he has a right to know as these are hereditary.  I knew he had moved again after he had moved out and I was so scared he would accuse me of stalking him that's why I sent the letter addressed to hi, at his adoptive parents home.  This is from experience as he has accused me of some awful things as well as accusing other people of things they haven't done.  The second time was an email letting him know my mum had died ~ that was in 2011 ~ and I found out on the day of the funeral that my sister had sent him a text message as well.  He never responded to either of us and didn't turn up for the funeral.  I must admit that hurt.   Anyway a few months later I found out from a mutual aquaintance that he and his partner have had a son and that he didn't want me to know,  This person told hi, that she wasn't going to keep this a secret as she felt I had a right to know.  He then told her that he never wants me to have anything to do with his son as I'm not a good enough mother so I didn't even know my grandson's date of birth let alone anything else.  It's completely broken my heart as I was denied the right to see my son grow up and now I am being denied the right to know anything about my grandson. 
  6. Hats off to Grant! Hoooooooo knew?

    My 2 -1/2 year old grandson Grant loves owls. He has begun to string his words together now and is talking; he knows all the animals and the sounds they make. Owls are his favorite. This year as Christmas drew near, I happened across an adorable knitted owl hat pattern. Although like everyone else I was "up to my eyeballs" with the holiday madness I decided to make the hat. I bought just the right color yarn, felt and buttons and went to work; and just in the nick of time I finished it. Now I am certainly not an expert knitter but if I do say so myself it came out great. I couldn't wait to see my sweet boy's expression when he opened his owl hat. The moment came, Grant opened his hat. He looked at it and with a big smile he said "OWL". "What does the owl say?" I asked. "Hoo Hoo".he replied. We couldn't have been prouder. I reached in for the hat and put it on my grandson's head. We were not prepared for what came next; we couldn't believe our eyes. This sweet tempered boy that we know and love went "nuts”. He screamed " no, no" and tore the owl hat from his head sending it flying across the room. Crying, he ran to the safety of his mother's arms, while carefully keeping the hat in view. Eventually he settled down but not until we put the hat away. It is January 13th and he still hates the hat. Now and then my daughter will take it out to show him hoping to get him used to it. No "can do" he still hates it. I guess he thinks it is real. For now it stays out of sight and out of mind. I guess I could stuff it and make it a pillow or better yet, I think I'll just leave well enough alone." Hooooo" knew my good intentions would turn out this way.
  7. Am I a Little Boy or a Big Boy

    This is a new post at my blog, The Grandma Chronicles, "Am I a Little Boy or a Big Boy" http://www.grandmachronicles.com/2012/10/am-i-little-boy-or-big-boy.html I hope you enjoy it. If you are a new grandparent, you may experience this in 2 - 3 years. Marion