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  1. ... what's your situation? Do you have custody or guardianship? Or have you adopted them? Or perhaps you're their foster parent till their bio parents turn their lives around? Or? And, if you will, what do you find is your biggest challenge in these circumstances? Your greatest reward?
  2. If you've been lurking here and are raising your GC (grandchildren) or other relative kids, please come on in and talk with us., either here or in a conversation thread of your own. (To open your own thread, just click on the group title - above, left - and then Start New Topic  - which will be on your right - and go from there.) Whether you have legal guardianship, custody or have adopted or are, temporarily the foster parent for your GC/relative child, please share your story with us....   ETA:   Also, the same applies if you're a former or soon-to-be such caregiver. And if you've spoken with us previously, please feel free to come in and tell us more, if you like, and, of course, respond to other posters.   Looking forward to hearing from you!       ETA: There is also a thread here called, "Are YOU the Frequent Caregiver or Even Occasional Babysitter for your GC/Relative children?"  And if you're a parent who generally turns to a GP or other relative to watch your kids, you might want to check out "Do YOU Rely on Family Daycare."   ETA further: As of December 2014, you need to post 10 replies to other threads before you can open one of your own. See "Why Can't I Start a New Topic?": http://community.gra...ic/#entry214750   For some ideas on how (and how not) to amass those 10 replies, you may want to look at the thread, "Getting in Those 10 Replies" in Club Newcomer: http://community.gra...ose-10-replies/
  3. Are you satisfied with the laws in your state, regarding GP/relative guardianship, custody, adoption and fostering? If not, what would you change?
  4. Recently, elsewhere in the forums, the subject of legal guardianship came up and its comparison to temporary custody.  That caught my attention b/c, in the past, some posters have said that guardianship is the same as custody in their state. And b/c I've know GPs who were the foster parents for their GC but chose, instead, to tell most people they had "temporary custody."   Now I'm wondering if anyone here has any idea of the differences between the three - foster parenting, guardianship and temporary custody. How are the GPs (or other relatives') legal rights over the kids different or similar in each case/what rights do parents retain in each scenario. Does it, in fact, differ greatly from state to state?   @ those seeking this knowledge, due to their own situation - This thread is not intended as a substitute for consulting an attorney and checking out the laws in your state. While I trust that posters will give info that is accurate, to the best of their knowledge, there is no guarantee that it will be/that it will totally fit your own situtation.
  5. My grandson came to live with us at age 7, after spending time on and off, and weekends, with me before that time. Mom was in and out of jail, grandson was neglected, etc. We became legal guardians at age 10-11; and I have become the grandmother/parent with all that that entails, including expenses, setting limits, transporation, etc. My grandson is about to reach 18 years old, and that means the automatic termination of my guardianship and my parenting role in his life. How do I prepare for that transition? It will definitely be the empty nest syndrome all over again. Part of me is looking forward to relinquishing responsibilities for his choices and decisions; part of me is feeling, okay, how do I get ready to let go after all of these years? Any personal or resource suggestions how a grandparent prepares to relinquish their role as the caregiver/guardian of a grandchild? Thank you.