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  1. An interesting question arose in the tone thread, IMO - to what degree are we responsible for what we say and whether or not it hurts other people? For that matter, to what degree are we responsible for how our choices and behavior effect other people? So often, we hear, on these boards, that we' need to take responsibility for hurting another person (whether MIL, DIL or whoever), even if we didn't intend our words, actions or choices to be hurtful. OTOH, just as often we hear that we are "not responsible for (someone else') happiness." Some posters say they're "confused" and I can see why.   Is there a contradiction between these two often expressed POVs? Are we dealing with two very different schools of thought? Or is there a line up to which we are responsible for how we impact other people's feelings and after which we are no longer responsible for that?
  2. Wow, it's a brand new day and Ive got more zing than the Mexican jalapeno pepper. It seems in these days I'm more HIP than ever before. I WAKE up. and SMELL. the coffee in kool kafes and write poems in my spare time. Anyone else riding the good feeling train?
  3. Unexpected phone calls

    It used to be that my daughter or son-in-law would call, talk for awhile and then try to coax my then-5 year old grandson, Jeffery to the phone. He was, of course, reluctant....so at the most I would hear whinning in the background, or maybe be blessed with a hastily uttered "Hello" and then dead air. Well, happily those days are gone. A couple of weeks ago, I answer the phone and (seeing on caller ID that it is my daughter) answer, "Hi, Pumpkin!" In an excited rush I hear, "Hi Grammie Pownkies!" ...it's my grandson! Then in a quieter, more tentative and hopeful voice, "Can you come over and play with me?" I melt. Right there and then. He had me at "Hi". How could I say no? Why would I say no? My presence has been requested, and I am putty in the hands of a 6 year old child. I drop (gladly) the chores I had hoped to accomplish this day, and head over to exhalt in the love and excitement of Jeffery. I willingly play game over game with him.....the rules are Jeffery's and occassionally he even lets me win, although I shall never break the code of how they are to be played. It doesn't matter. Jeffery has summoned me and I answered the call willingly! I await the next phone call, and hope that I will be able to change my plans to happily accomodate this precious little child.