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  1. If you're going to be alone...

     ... on Christmas (or found yourself alone for Hanukkah), etc., and maybe lonely, sending you lots of (((hugs!))) Meanwhile, I hope you're able to find some ways to enjoy yourself - perhaps things you couldn't do if you were w/ other people. I hope, for example, and as cliche as it may sound, you get to "curl up w/ a good book" and read for hours, if that's your pleasure. Or have a "movie marathon" and watch DVDs for hours, whether old favorites or new. Or switch off between books & movies, if you wish. And through it all, play any music you love - doesn't "have to" be holiday-related. Or just enjoy the quiet and, perhaps, catch up on sleep (some people, apparently, love being alone on the actual holiday for these very reasons). If you're simply alone b/c of distance, I hope you get to videochat or FT, etc. w/ your far away loved ones on the Day or close to it. Or if you're seeing family on an alternate day after the actual holiday, I hope you make good use of having the extra time to prepare.Or hey, if you saw them just before the holiday, I hope you're enjoying the gifts you received. If none of these are the case, I hope you can get in touch w/ other family and/or friends. Or that you have plans w/ other family/friends to look forward to at some point during the season. Or if you'd like to get out of the house, say, on Xmas day, I hope you get to enjoy a nice, long, leisurely walk. Or maybe do some volunteering if that idea appeals to you (some posters, over the years, have said it fills the void; others, not so much). If you're traveling alone, I hope you meet some friendly fellow voyageurs and/or get to bask in the sun, revel in skiing or whatever your pleasure is. Regardless, even if you still have some unhappy moments or can't find anything to truly enjoy, please know that many member here are supportive of you and  wish you peace.
  2. If you''ll be alone on Christmas... ... or Hanukkah,, etc.for whatever reason - geographical distance, estrangement... sigh... or, very sadly, loss of a loved one -I know it can be hard, and I feel for you. Then again, I realize that some people "look on the bright side" of the situation - peace and quiet, no walking on eggshells (if that's been a problem in the past), a chance to sleep in, etc. In fact, I know that some people actually prefer solitude for, at least, part of their holiday. So now I'm wondering  how you feel about being alone for the coming holidays. Also, what do you plan to do w/ your time if anything?
  3. Holiday Stesses - 2017

    We've talked in here before about the fact that for some people, holidays can be lonely and/or stressful. So w/ several of them approaching - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's - I'm asking, what stresses/upsets/hurts you, if anything, during this otherwise joyous time?
  4. Coping with Holiday "Blues"

    Major holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc., can be very difficult for some people, whether due to stress or loneliness or whatever. Do you ever have a blue moment or two during the holiday season? And if so, what, have you found, will lift your spirits?
  5. If you - or you and your spouse/SO - are w/o your AC (adult child/ren) and GC (grandchild/ren) today (or other loved ones), due to estrangement - sending you warm wishes and (((hugs)))! Same if you expect to be w/o them on Christmas, Hanukkah or whichever of the December holidays you celebrate. I hope you have other family members or friends w/ which to share these special occasions. Or that you can travel or find yourself enjoying the time just relaxing at home w/ a good book, good TV, etc. Or that you find solace in working or volunteering.   ... Peace...