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  1. Breath of Life

    The "beat goes on" for me and my journey with Deepak Chopra's Timeless You Series. Like so much in my life these days I am taking from the program what serves me now and leaving the rest for another day. Session #4 is about the Mind/Body Connection. We have arrived at the gate of meditation, yoga and mindful breathing. Whew....NOW I am in my comfort zone. Over the years I have been an "on again off again " student of such disciplines. When I am "in the zone" I feel better about everything. When I am not, I feel somewhat "off balance". Deepak has reminded me once more why I need this component in my life in order to be well in body and mind. Again Deepak Chopra has inspired me to recommit to these important rituals. I love too that the exercises in Timeless You are "guided" as I feel more successful with help than I do when I do them alone. I need the assistance and my guess is that many people feel the same way. Maybe that is why we flock to group settings for support. I witnessed an example of this very thing in my own life six months ago when my daughter was preparing to deliver her second child. Unfortunately, the birth of her first child three years ago had been a long and traumatic ordeal and she was scared. Filled with anxiety and fear, my daughter asked me to be with her during the birth. Of course I was thrilled. When the call came that she was in the early stages of labor I headed to her home to be with her. As the contractions became more regular I took the opportunity to share with her the overall benefits of deep breathing and my own experience with "breathing through pain." I had done it a few times during bone marrow biopsies and other cancer therapies. I shared with her how helpful it had been to have someone with me coaching, guiding, and encouraging me. I asked her to let me help in this way. She listened and embraced the idea whole heartedly. We practiced for a bit and when the time came to go to the hospital my daughter was more confident and relaxed than any of us expected. Through it all I stayed at her side, breathing every breath with her and pacing her along the way. If she got distracted I helped her re-focus. She soon discovered that by regulating her breath she could actually relax between contractions thus allowing more stamina during active labor. The pushing stage came and to everyone's surprise my daughter (and I) delivered that 10 pound baby boy with just five pushes. In that moment I saw my grandson enter the world. I heard him cry out his first breath with a hearty bellowing scream thus changing our lives forever. Our baby is a joyous, happy little boy with a sweet disposition and I am grateful that I was there to witness this miracle. I know in my heart that the deep mindful breathing helped both mother and son. Http://www.finallyfinishing.com .[attachment=264:image.jpg http://www.finallyfinishing.com