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      Dear Community friends and family,   After great consideration, we are moving the Grandparents.com community to Facebook Groups effective March 15, 2018.   This wasn’t an easy decision, but we want to bring our communities together and believe the best place to do so is through Facebook’s groups feature. We’re so appreciative of you and the diverse conversations and opinions you have provided over the past 9 years. Your stories and amazing advice have helped so many readers, and have reached thousands of GP.com users. We encourage you to retrieve any information you want to retain as the forum will only be accessible by the admin after March 15, 2018. We’ve created a closed Facebook group called Mothers-in-Law Unplugged where we welcome you to continue the conversations around grandparenting, family, and in-law relationships, and any general topics we discuss here. As the group is closed and each user must be approved, your friends and family on Facebook won’t see any of your activity. Request to join the group here: http://bit.ly/milunplugged Thank you to all of our past and current users. You helped build our community, and we look forward to continuing to interact with you in the Facebook groups. If you have any questions about the groups and privacy, let’s chat about here:   Sincerely,   The Grandparents.com Team

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  1. In the following thread, upsidedownhug, talks about a newsletter he sends out to help keep his widespread family connected:   Now I'm wondering, does anyone else here do the same? Or would you like to? Or have you in the past? What do/did/would you include? And what has been your experience, if any, w/ such newsletters?
  2. In the "Do Congresspeople...?" debate, MDG told us about a college professor who, apparently, tried to promote one line of thinking. More and more frequently, I hear people complaining about this/that college professor promoting a specific (usually "liberal" but not always) political and/or social POV. I also hear (or see on FB) a lot of concerns about this/that TV station or newspaper pushing specifically "left" or "right" views. So now I'm wondering, is it acceptable for non-political figures, such as college professors or newspeople to openly favor one political/social view or another? What do you think?
  3. IDK if this actually counts as "news" in most people's minds, but these photos, mostly from the International Space Station (ISS) were in the News section of AOL. Some of them take a few moments to take n, IMO. Some, I think, are beautiful and even spectacular! But all are mindboggling! Take a look and tell us what you think: https://www.upworthy.com/12-absolutely-stunning-photos-of-earth-taken-from-space?c=aol1&icid=maing-fluid|bon11-news|dl17|sec18_lnk18%26pLid%3D1084425531_amp-bon11-news
  4. The British Invasion......Where were you?

    Although I can't seem to remember where I put my glasses these days I do have an acute memory of certain "important" events in my life. I know where I was when President Kennedy was assassinated. I can recall what I was doing "when the lights went out" in 1965 leaving the whole North East in darkness and of course like everyone else I clearly remember the NYC tragedy of 9/11. There is one other event I can add to the list! I remember exactly where I was when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show 50 years ago this week. I, (like every other pre-teen and teenager in the country) was glued to the old black and white television set in my living room watching history being made before my very eyes. The "British Invasion" was in motion and rock and roll was coming full throttle from England to the U.S.A. and the American youth here were ready and willing to embrace it. Within seconds of seeing the Fab Four aka John, Paul, George and Ringo I knew I was in love; in love with the music, the men, the clothing, the hair styles and the overall package. That Sunday evening 50 years ago the Beatles burst onto the scene and for me they never left. Their influence has been phenomenon for most of my generation and I for one am thrilled that I was here to witness it, (and of course to remember it ) lol