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  1. Dolls

    DGD loves her dolls! Given the time, she can play with them for hours! And I think it's wonderful! It's a joy to hear her ( to the degree that I can make out what she's saying/doing) play that she's their "Mommy," teacher, doctor or take them on some imaginary adventure or other! I don't recall taking this much pleasure in overhearing my own DDs play with their dolls (though I do know I enjoyed hearing them play something together, as I do DGD and DGS). Maybe I was too busy. Or had my mind on some of the other aspects of my busy schedule. Or perhaps I was too worried about the possible effects on body image of some dolls, etc. Or maybe I was just too impacted by DM's and MIL's critcism that they had "too many dolls," even though DH and I didn't think so. As a nanny granny, I'm still busy and still have a lot on my mind (so scratch those as possible differences). But I don't seem to worry, anymore, about the possible effect of this/that doll. Nor do I concern myself with whether or not DGD has "too many." Perhaps it's b/c her toys and how they may or may not affect her is not at all my responsibility, this time around, the way it is her mom's/my YDD's. Then again, ODD aggravates over these issues when she thinks about them. In fact, this past Christmas, all the gfits on DGD's list were dolls and we each gave her at least one (including "Santa"/YDD). ODD and SIL got her a couple of dolls, as well. But ODD told me she felt conflicted about getting her still more toys that were so specifically slated for girls/not more gender neutral. So maybe the difference has something to do with age/stage of life? Or perhaps with the fact that I have less energy than I did as a mom and am just glad when my DGC find activities that fill their time? (Then again, I know parents can feel that way, too, sometimes.) Or maybe b/c I don't see where any doll - or the number of them - actually hurt either of my DDs, in any way (not making light of anyone else' concerns) and so, I'm more relaxed about it? All I really know, here, is that DGD loves her dolls! And I think it's wonderful!
  2. As we approach the first anniversary of the relaunch of GP.com, I'm wondering what you like best about the site (whether you're a new member or an "old" one)? And what would you like to see added or changed, if anything?