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  1. Another question prompted by the Viorst book about a DS and family moving in for an extended stay... What about privacy?  Sure, there are probably some common sense boundaries, such as not barging into each others' bedrooms. And there are some you (general) might deliberately establish w/ each other (as in, "You have your cookies and I have mine). But how about the freedom to have, say, a "bad hair day" in your own home w/o anyone but your spouse/SO knowing? Or being able to lounge around the house in your PJs and a worn but comfy old bathrobe? Or being able to argue w/ your spouse/SO w/o having to worry about who will hear? Or, for that matter, not having to hear your AC/CIL's fights in your own home? If you're living in a multigenerational household, have you simply sacrificed this type of privacy for now? Or have you found a way to deal w/ this issue? Or... ??