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  1. Have you seen the GP.com article called, "4 Reasons for Reading to Your Grandbabies?"  You can find it on the Home Page, under "Grandkids" above or by clicking on the following link:   http://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/education-and-school/why-read-to-babies     Do you ever read to/with the grand(other relative)children you take care of? Or is that strictly the parents' role (if they're in the picture)?
  2. Bookworm

    I grew up with a love of books....my Mother was a librarian and when we completed our chores each week, we were able to buy one book. I treasure most of those books still. My daughter grew up loving books, too, and has now instilled a love of reading in my grandson, Jeffery. Jeffery is 6 years old and has been read to his entire life, starting as just a baby. Of course, now he is reading most of them for himself and is a very good reader. What really amazes me is that when he reads aloud, as he likes to do, he reads with the inflictions adults would read with.....sometimes with hysterical consequences. He loves curling up in a corner or special hiding place and reading to his stuffed animals. They are very good listeners and a captive audience! When given a choice of how to spend his meager allowance, his first choice is always to go to the bookstore! Be still, my heart! And he proudly sports his own library card. He was taught to be careful with books and show them the proper respect due these important vehicles to new worlds! Reading is so important to doing well in school and Jeffery seems to have a good foundation!