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  1. With Independence Day coming up tomorrow, I'm wondering... Whether you're divorced, widowed, separated or have simply never married (and are currently unattached), how does that impact your holidays, if at all. Do you find it's easier, perhaps, b/c you get to decide on your own what to do for such holidays as July 4 (even if it's just stay home and relax)? Or harder b/c you feel more comfortable going places/celebrating w/ a partner? Or ??
  2. Is it easier to be single during the holiday season or more difficult?
  3. Seeking Advice

    I would like to get some ideas on how to tell family, like cousins, that our daughter is expecting in March and will be a single mother.   I am not sure how to word it because the father will not be involved.   They were not married and no longer together.   I am having a shower soon for her and there are cousins that we would like to inform, but do not want them to feel they are obligated to buy a gift, yet I do not want to hide the shower from them.   We feel the baby will be a joyous event for our daughter and we hope to support and help her as needed.    The cousins are within driving distance and some farther away.   How would you suggest the announcement be worded?  It is our first grandchild.  Our other married daughter has not had children yet and probably feels a bit down that sister is having a child before her.   I do not want to hurt anyone feelings.
  4. Tell us all about your plans for Holloween this year. Will you be going to any parties? Will any of them be costume parties?
  5. A couple of my friends who are single GPs love to frequent our local Senior Center. They tell it's a good avenue for them, by which to socialize more, enjoy delighful meals and events, make new friends and find romance. One of them is more into the food and the friends; the other is, at least for now, more interested in the new love she found there.   How about you? Do you spend time at a Senior Center? And what are the main attractions for you, if any?