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  1. Gone are the days, or so it seems to me, when new parents would send out a cute baby announcement, after they had time to get settled in (more or less) w/ their new baby, complete w/ name, date and time of birth and baby's length and weight at time of birth. Nowadays, the announcement is made much sooner, at least among the people I know, on FB - often the day of and not always by the parents! It appears that a close friend or relative is often the first one to announce the birth of the new child. And several others often chime in w/ their own "announcements" or by reposting/sharing someone else' announcement. Somewhere in there, the parents - frequently, the dad (b/c mom's resting or feeding or whatever) usually seem to get their own post in. But theirs is not necessarily the first post and rarely, if ever, the only.   These posts usually include the baby's full name and, sometimes, time of birth (the date is generally obvious since often, as I said above, the posts are made shortly after the birth). They also, often, still include baby's weight and length, esp in the parents'/dad's post. But almost every one presents an (often delightful) pic or pics of the new baby and sometimes, the mom/parents w/ their new baby.   Usually, I notice, the announcements by other people will say something like, "my new niece/nephew/whoever... born to my sister and BIL/brother and SIL/etc and congratulates the parents, etc. But sometimes, the poster is announcing, "I just became a GM/aunt/uncle!" etc. The second type often includes a photo of the poster, themselves, w/ the baby. So w/in the first few hours of life, the newborn is "introduced" to the "world" as somebody's child, somebody's GC and somebody's DN, etc.   Regardless, in the days following the birth and the initial announcement (or 2 or 3), various loving  photos appear of GPs, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. w/ parents and baby or holding baby and so on.Of course, baby generally seems aware of none of this and just goes on sleeping, eating or whatever baby business they're into at the time. As such, w/ the birth of 3 new babies in my extended family, reams of baby pics, etc. have been coming across my FB Newsfeed. (Fortunately, I enjoy them.)   Just another way that, for better or worse, modern technology has impacted our lives! Or is it just the circles that my DDs and I travel in?
  2. Do you worry about your children or the GC/relative kids you take care of spending too much time engaged with technology?
  3. Do you think the grand(other relative)kids you take care of spend too much time watching TV and DVDs, playing video or computer games, texting or emailing, etc? Or do you enjoy the same technological pastimes they do and encourage them to participate?
  4. Language!

    As some of you may know, GP.com does not permit curse/swear words or obscene language, including certain sexually explicit and/or vulgar terms. In fact, the website recently put in place a program that automatically edits such words.  IOWs, it automatically changes such a word to ****, almost as soon as you (general) hit the word "Post."  Apparently, it began with just a few words but seems to have picked up on some more, as days have past.   IMO, this is great! It helps those posters who are inclined to use those expressions, to know what they can and can't say, here. And it lessens the amount of time we mods have to spend on changing or deleting words.   Other offending words are still quite  likely to be changed or deleted by the mods or the admins.  Same with those abbreviations that appear "too close" to the actual word (that add or leave out only one letter/replace one letter with * or @, etc.)   Then again, more of these objectionable words/expressions and their spelling variations may be added to the automatic editing list, over time.  IDK yet.... stay tuned...
  5. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Thought I posted this last night, but I guess it didn't "take," somehow, so trying again... If anyone had told me, years ago, that, someday, as a GM (grandmother), I would spend part of my time at computer, on a thing called "the Internet," chatting about my life and family with hundreds of total strangers, I would have laughed and thought they were "crazy!" Yet, here I am doing it! So now I'm wondering what changes will take place in the future - and what some future reader, if any, will think of what we talk about here and how we go about it. Will GP (grandparent) caregivers, like me, be a thing of the past or the absolute norm? Will the "family" look much as it does, today, with all the variations it's already experiencing? Or will it have taken on such a new shape that the conversations on sites like this will be entirely different? Will we even still communicate with each other in this way? Or will technology have brought us whole new forms of contacting each other that we can't even imagine right now? As a Boomer GM, I recall when the electronic typewriter was the most modern piece of equipment in my family's home. Now it seems quite "primitive." Will our ways of communicating seem just as archaic to some future reader? And as much as I hate to say it, will this material even still be here? Or will it have disappeared as the technology became outdated and newer types of communication took over? Regardless, I expect I'll be talking a lot about changes, as I blog - those that I underwent as I took on the caregiver role and those I've gone through and am still going through as my role, itself, evolves. But with these kinds of questions in my mind, I almost can't help addressing myself to that possible future reader, as I write, as well as, of course, those of you who are reading here and now. That is, if this blog is even still here in the far future and if any reader, at that time, is even interested in what's said by a "nanny granny" from the early 21st Century!