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  1. Note: More than once, this thread contains a trigger. I have two DD’s and one DS.  The DS has a wife and three children.  This is about that family. DS’s mortgage payments were stretching him to the breaking point.  So at their suggestion (with lots of love and hugs and GC company), I bought a large house and invited them to move in with me and just pay the utilities.  What would be a reasonable freedom of movement for a GF in the house?  Obviously not entering bedrooms uninvited, and there may well be additional restrictions, such as enter only the ground (middle) floor, and knock before entering.  But also obviously, it seems to me, more freedom than:  In this house, GF, stay in your hole until you are invited up. I know, it’s whatever the parties agree to.  But more basically, before negotiating, what would a reasonable person expect? I notice that the DIL’s mom comes in with her and even goes up to the third floor, and presumably into bedrooms.  Their excuse is that she is helping clean. I am autistic and about 12 years old socially.  I get along well with children and am profoundly depressed that I have been cut off from the GC’s.  (And God only knows what DIL has said to them about me.)  Other than socially, such as money management, I am an adult.  I’m usually good at spotting a scam, but I missed this one. Again, did I have unreasonable expectations?