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  1. Holiday Traditions

    Hello all, I feel like I might get stoned for asking about winter holidays in October but I am willing to take that chance! I like planning before the storm hits I am curious how all of you combined your holidays with your spouse/partner? How about with your new extended family? Of course you and your spouse each have your own traditions and come from different back grounds, how did you mix them together? Any suggestions on how to make the transition smooth or deal with ruffled feathers? Also, if you have any fun traditions that you started with your spouse, I would love to hear about them!
  2. Maybe you used to have a houseful for Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, etc), but now your sons/daughters are married and spend some Christmases at their ILs... Or perhaps your parents/PILs did the hosting for years, but that's changed now and you find yourself hosting "everybody."... Or you and yours always put the Christmas Tree up the day after T'giving, but your spouse/SO was used to doing it on Christmas Eve. So now you compromise and do it somewhere in between.... Or you and your spouse/SO are from different religious/cultural backgrounds and have had to find ways to honor both sets of traditions.... Or... How has your celebration of Christmas (and/or other December holidays) changed over time, if at all? And how do you feel about it?
  3. Last December, I asked you what holiday traditions you would like to see passed down to your children, GC, etc. Now I'm asking, are any other family customs you would like to see live on? Or values you hope will be passed down from one generation to the next?
  4. This year, we went to SIL's FOO for T'giving, as I've mentioned elsewhere. One of the dishes served was mashed carrots and someone asked why they serve them that way. The answer was b/c they were following a family tradition/SIL's GGM's recipe.   That got me to thinking... what holiday traditions, if any, would you like to see your AC and/or GC carry on, whether for TG, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc?
  5. Here comes Halloween! Do you go all out for it at your house? Decorating from top to bottom? Outfitting the kids with full-blown homemade or expensive costumes? Buying tons of treats? Dressing up yourself?   Or are you more laidback? Happy with just a pumpkin on the front door and the simplest or cheapers of costumes. w/ mom and dad dressing in no more than black and orange, if that?   Or ??
  6. What skills, hobbies, traditions, knowledge and/or ideas do you feel you've passed down to your kids or grandkids, if any? What special activities do you enjoy doing together/have you enjoyed doing together, as a family/extended family? Are you/have you ever been involved w/ your kids/GC in such extracurriculars as Boy Scouts or Girls Scouts, etc?
  7. Some families always go out for dinner on somebody's birthday, no matter what day of the week it is (unless someone is ill, of course, etc.). Others make each bday "all about" the "bday person," engaging in whatever activity they want, etc. Does your family have any special birthday traditions? If so, please tell us about them below...
  8. Legacy

    What values, traditions, hobbies or other interests, if any, would you like to pass down in your family, whether to the grandchildren (or other relative kids you take care of) or anyone else? And, if you'd like, do you see that happening?