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  1. Will you be traveling/did you travel this year to visit your long distance loved ones for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and/or Kwanzaa, etc? Or will they be traveling to see you?
  2. In the thread "Longdistance Tips and Tricks," sillygrammatoo says she's traveling to visit her longdistance DS, DIL and GC. Is anyone else traveling to see their AC (adult children), CIL (children-in-law) and GC, for Christmas or the holiday season? Or vice versa?   If not, will you be keeping in touch, exchanging greetings in other ways? Skype? FaceTime? The "old-fashioned" card? Special gifts?   Please share your plans below and feel free to add any other thoughts you may have on this topic...
  3. Hello all, I'm quite new. As I searched online for results pertaining to my questions all roads led back to this site over and over again. I am a mom of 3, ages 11, 10 and 1. My MIL and her husband are kind, very fit and get along well with their many grand kids. It's been a rough year as they have pitched in to help out with another family members child care needs and they haven't spent much time with our crew this year. No hard feelings because we know they're going above and beyond for our nephews and we love them to bits. At my youngest's b day celebration MIL approached me about taking the older boys cross country via plane and then on to various other US landmarks. I was stunned and agreed to work with her on it, I realize there is plenty of paperwork involved, but MIL and I, though totally different women do communicate well, I'm confident that we can plan this adventure and handle that stuff. My questions though: We own our business and pay exorbitant prices for lack luster insurance, am I out of line if I request she add a travel insurance policy to the trip? Even if we would pay? As I mentioned, they haven't spent as much time with my boys this year, have any of you traveled with GC that you only see a few times a year? Any tips for getting two 'tween' males to connect with their GM when she can't be there that much? I just don't want my guys feeling uncomfortable or feel like they can't communicate with them without me acting as the facilitator. They used to take the boys a week at a time when they were PK age up to about 2nd grade, but it's been years since their last trip together! Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone - I am a new member!   I am 65, employed professionally, have 2 married daughters and 2 grandchildren. I am very fortunate to live near my grandchildren. They are also very close to their aunt, my younger daughter, who now lives in another country (not third world by any means). She has traveled for years, often twice a year to see her nephews. Now I want to take one or both boys - ages 9 and 12 - to see their aunt for a week, thinking it would be a wonderful experience. I've offered to take the entire family, but because there is tension between the sisters ( my two daughters) the trip keeps getting put off from year to year.  I don't know if it will ever happen. It's making some of us very sad. Any advice? Am I being unreasonable? Are the children old enough or is older a better time?   Does anyone know how many grandparents travel with their grandchildren in the U.S. - and how many of those because the parents work or otherwise can't go?   Thank you for any suggestions and advice! Bastet