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  1. Winter Weddings

    Would you hold/have you ever held a wedding in the winter? Or, for that matter, have you ever been a bridesmaid (or groomsman) in winter wedding or attended one as a guest? What do you see as the pluses, if any? Minuses?
  2. Recently read that some couples are doing their weddings w/ themes from favorite TV series, most notably "Game of Thrones." How far would you carry through such a theme (if at all)?
  3. Wedding Gift Etiquette

    In the "You need to apologize..." thread in MILA, Komorebi asked what the current etiquette is for wedding gift amounts if you (general) aren't actually attending the wedding. I'm wondering what the wedding gift etiquette is where you live/among your friends/family, in general (is there a certain amount guests are "expected" to spend/give?), as well as wondering about your answer to Komo's question. Would love to hear your reply to either or both below...
  4. Groan! More snow last night and a little coming down, now and then, today. Great news for my DGC (they love to play in it, as I've said elsewhere), but, of course, a pain as far as driving is concerned. Fortunately, the plows are already going through and we didn't get too much, anyway, b/c DH and I have a wedding to go to on Sunday. Not my favorite time of year to attend a wedding, but looking forward to good food, dancing, etc. Meanwhile, how does your weekend look? Will you be busy w/ your kids/GC this weekend or will you have it all to yourself/for you and your spouse/SO? Or a little of each? Doing anything special? Or just relaxing? Or ??
  5. Do you have a favorite "wedding song?" Do you tear up, for example, when you hear the very traditional "Here Comes the Bride?" Or do you respond more to more current romantic numbers, such as "All of Me?"
  6. It's May, one of the most popular wedding months, along w/ June... What's your take on weddings? For example, do you favor large ones or small? Traditional or creative? Do you welcome or resent dress codes on the invite, such as "Black Tie?" (I mention that b/c I know one woman that adores Black Tie weddings and one couple that won't go to any.) Do you think a beautiful wedding is worth any expense? Or hey, are you among those who believe it's better to just go to a JP and spend the money saved on the down payment on a house, etc? Or ??   Whatever your thoughts about weddings, please share them w/ us below...
  7. Last week we talked about Mother's Day gifts. Now I'm asking what do you think is the best wedding/bridal shower gift you ever gave/received? And if you will, what is the worst?   (I know this has come up before in some other threads. But we've had new people come in since then, etc.)