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Rosered's List of Acronyms

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.LETTERS USED IN THE FRONT OF AN ACRONYM - Certain letters often have the same meaning when used in front of an acronym. Here's a sampling:

1. D - often means dear or darling - Exs: DH -dear husband, DD - darling daughter (Exception - DIL means daughter-in-law)

2. F - often means for - EXS: FTR - for the record, FWIW - for what it's worth, FYI - for your information

3. F - also often means future - Exs: FDW- future dear wife, FMIL - future mother-in-law

4. G - often means grand - Exs: GM - grandmother, GS - grandson
5. GG - often means great-grand - Exs: GGF - great-grandfather, GGD - great-granddaughter

6, L - often means laugh or laughing - Exs - LOL - laugh/laughing out loud, LMA/BO - laughing my *** or butt off (doesn't often come up in this group, but sometimes)

7. M - in front of a grandparent acronym, often means maternal - Exs: MGM, maternal grandmother, MGPs - maternal grandparents
8. M - in front of the acronym for any other relative, often means middle - Exs: MDB - middle dear brother, MDD - middle dear daughter

9. P - in front of a grandparent acronym, often means paternal - Exs: PGF - paternal grandfather, PGPs paternal grandparents

10. S - often means step - Exs: SM, stepmother, SGS - step-grandson

11. S2B or STB - soon-to-be - Exs: S2BDIL - soon-to-be daughter-in-law, STBXH - soon-to-be-ex-husband

12. X - ex - Exs: XW - ex-wife, XBIL - ex-brother-in-law

1. SAH - stay-at-home - Exs: SAHM -stay-at-home mom, SAHD - stay-at-home dad

2. WAH - work(ing) - at-home - Exs: WAHD - work(ing)-at-home dad, WAHP -work(ing)-at-home parent (refers to doing job/non-parenting work at home, even though, of course, parenting is working, too

3. WOH - working-outside-the-home Exs: WOHM - working-outside-the-home mom, WOHGP caregiver - working-outside-the-home grandparent caregiver (refers to a GP who, say, is raising their grandkids but also works outside the home)

LETTERS AT THE END OF THE ACRONYM - Sometimes the same is true for letters that come at the end of an acronym:

1. IL - means "inlaw," by itself but also after other letters - Exs: BIL - brother-in-law, DIL - daughter-in-law, MIL - mother-in-law, GMIL - grandmother-in-law

MULTIPLE DEFINITIONS - Some acronyms have more than one definition so one has to get the meaning from the context:

1. BF - best friend, boyfriend, breastfeeding

2. C - child or children - Exs: AC - adult child(ren), GC - grandchild(ren)

3. DF - dear father, dear fiance(e)

4. DS - dear sister or dear son

5. FIL - father-in-law, future-in-law

6. GF - girlfriend, grandfather

7. GP - Grandpa, grandparent

8. O - older or oldest - Exs: ODD -older/est dear daughter, ODB - older/est dear brother

9. OP - opening/original post or original poster

10. OTOH - On the one hand/On the other hand

11. PP - previous post or poster

12. SIL - sister-in-law or son-in-law

13. Y - younger or youngest - Exs: YDD - younger/est dear daughter, YGS - younger/est grandson...
Occasionally DD is used to mean "dear dad" instead of "dear daughter" and GD, "granddad," instead of "granddaughter," but not that often.

VARIATIONS - Of course, there are variations (some posters even make up a few acronyms of their own). Exs: DDIL - dear daughter-in-law, DGC - dear grandchildren ( a favorite of mine). Also, some people use "E" for "elder" or "eldest" - instead of "O" for "older/est" but, as far as I can see, that's rare.


BG - background

BRB - be right back

BTDT - been there, done that

BTW - by the way

ETA - edited to add

DV - divorce

FB - FaceBook (sometimes come up here)

FOO - family of origin - EXs: DH's FOO - dear husband's family of origin/side of the family; DW's FOO - dear wife's family or origin/side of the family


GAL - guardian ad litlum (children's advocate in family court)

GMAB - give me a break!


HW - homework

IDK and IDKY - I don't know and I don't know why

IME - in my experience

IMO and IMHO - in my opinion and in my humble opinion

IOWs - In other words

IRL - in real life

ITA - I totally agree

ITY and TY - I thank you and thank you

JADE - justify, argue, defend, explain - what members, on this website, often tell a poster not to do when dealing with difficult relatives or ILs.

JMO and JMHO - just my opinion and just my hunble opinionKWIM?

KWIM? - Know what I mean?

LO - little one

POV - point of view

PM - private message (used either as a nous - "I'm sending you a PM" - or a verb - "I'm going to PM you!")

RO - Restraining Order

ROFL - rolling on the floor, laughing

SO - Significant Other

TBH - To be honest

TIA - Thanks in advance!

TPR - terminating/termination of parental rights

WTG! - way to go!


YOA - years of age

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