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I feel guilty because I am angry at having to raise my grandchildren

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Wow, how incredibly overwhelming for you! I am so sorry you are dealing with this all alone...

Rose is right...on several counts. Happy you've brought your issues here. We aren't a substitute for legal advice, but we'll listen and offer what support we can. There are other sections in the forums regarding grandparents raising grandchildren, please take a moment to read thru as much as you can. You may find additional insights helpful.

Ask your caseworker about finding legal help for a divorce. Many quality attorneys are required to do a certain amount of probono work. Definitely take advantage of the free consultation aspect...

Please stay connected...we'll leave the light on.

(Ordinarily I should lock the thread since it was over 3 months since the last posting. However, this particular topic seems to be a beacon for new posters, so I'm keeping it open)

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