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Thanksgiving meal

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Gran2Dausha, I am sorry that your Thanksgiving will not be traditional this year. IMHO it is these hiccups from tradition that create truly memorable holidays. This will be my second Thanksgiving day with no plans as my family will be doing Thanksgiving the Sunday before. DD is single and GS will be at his Dads so we are planning a movie then dinner at Cracker Barrel. If the outdoor skating rink is open we may do that too. I am very much looking forward to doing something different on Thanksgiving Day. However you and DS choose to spend the day, I hope you enjoy it and make some new and special memories. Happy Thanksgiving

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This year, YDD, my DGC, DH and I will be doing T'giving at ODD's and SIL's again. Looking forward to SIL's delicious cooking! I'm bringing appetizers again and those Pilgrim Hat Treats I posted about in the Pantry.

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