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By LaToyaADMIN in Welcome to the Grandparents.com Community!,
Newbie Advice Lurk before posting so you can get a feel of each forum and what is and is not acceptable there.  Our community does not consist of only grandmothers – we have moms/daughter in laws, a few grandfathers, and even a few husbands. With such a diverse community, your interactions on each subforum may vary.   New members MUST amass 10 posts before they can start a topic of their own. Jump into conversations around each category and get a feel of the forum.    Your Account You are allowed one account. Multiple accounts will be deleted. If you mistakenly make a second account, please let a moderator or the admin know which one you prefer to use and we will delete the old account. Usernames and user titles should not use profanity or be offensive. Signatures and avatars should be work safe. No nudity, no partial nudity, no slurs, no offensive images.   If you wish to delete your account, please contact help@grandparents.com.   Safeguard Your Account Many users who post here do so with the intention that no one they personally know will find their account. Here’s how you can keep your Grandparents.com identity safe   Sign up for membership with an email address unknown to your friends and family.  Create a username unknown to family and friends. If you are BestNanaEver on other forums or on social media, try an unrelated username so people can’t connect your username here to your other identities on the Internet. Your email address is your default username – change your username before posting. We recommend changing your username before you start a new thread or reply to another user’s topic. Once your post or reply has been quoted, we cannot change the username in the quote even if it is your email address. No posting identifying information. Mary Smith may be a common name, but Mary Smith who lives in Queens, New York, with an 11-year-old granddaughter named Madeleine who has bright red hair and rides a bicycle is quite specific. You may not say all of this in one post, but be wary of your replies in other topics that may include such specific information. Use the anonymous feature. (Click here to read instructions on how to post anonymously)  Note: do NOT join and make ALL of your posts anonymous. It is appropriate to use the anonymous feature when starting a thread and asking for advice. Replying to someone else’s thread as an anon is unnecessary, suspicious and quite rude. If you started a thread as anonymous and want to continue your replies in THAT THREAD ONLY as anonymous then you may do so BUT you need to use the full editor when replying and check the "Post as Anonymous" feature EVERY TIME you reply and you want it to be anonymous. There is no fix for mods and admins to make your post anonymous once you've already posted it under your regular username.      Note: Search your email address or preferred username on Google.com. Does any of it point back to an Internet presence you may want to keep private (for example, your Facebook page or your LinkedIn account)? This would be the best time to use a different email address for your Grandparents.com account or choose a username unrelated to the one you normally use.   General Conduct Do not harass the admin or the moderators. We have hundreds of members who all have their own ideas on how this forum should operate. We can’t please everyone, but we do take feedback into consideration. If you have civil, constructive criticism to offer, please send a PM to the admin – LatoyaADMIN.   Moderators are active participants in forum discussions. We understand that a user may occasionally disagree with a stance a moderator has taken with a particular discussion and that is ok. Know that a moderator can and most often do join member discussions. Moderators may not use their position to “silence” you by deleting your post because they disagree with you. If you feel this has happened contact the administrator – LatoyaADMIN.   No backseat moderating. Do not tell other members what they can and cannot post. Don’t tell the mods or admin who should or shouldn’t be banned. Don’t tell the mods which members belong in this forum or who should be allowed to join and post here. If you have any questions or serious complaints about another member, please report that member and elaborate in your report.   Members may report Personal Messages, blogs, and any replies in a thread.  Reports are viewable to moderators and admins only.      What You Should Do Be Nice - Sometimes the nicest people can come across the wrong way online. Please do not say or do anything to anyone that you would not say to their face in person. Avoid making personal attacks against other Grandparents.com members or staff members. We all come from varied backgrounds and not everyone has the same thoughts or feelings about some issues. Please be respectful of your fellow Grandparents.com users even if there is a difference of opinion.   Be Yourself - When we say we want to hear from you, we mean it. Please post only material that you created. Do not post newspaper articles photos or any other material that you do not hold the copyright to or have permission to post from the copyright holder.   Use Your Judgment - Grandparents.com is made up of grandparents and their family members. This includes children. Before you post something, think about whether or not it is appropriate for a general audience and/or young children. Avoid posting adult or sexually explicit material, and do not post anything that may harm minors in any way.   Take Responsibility - Your words are your own. You are ultimately responsible for what you post to Grandparents.com. This is your community and you should take an active role in keeping it safe. We have methods in place to make sure Grandparents.com is suitable for all of our users, but we could use your help. If you see any content that is objectionable, click on the "flag as inappropriate" link and file a report. We may remove any content at any time.     What You Should Not Do Do Not Offend Others - We want everyone at Grandparents.com to feel safe and comfortable. Do not post anything that is libelous or defamatory, pornographic, sexually explicit, harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, profane, obscene, excessively violent, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable or offensive in any way, including personal attacks. If you have doubts about whether something can be characterized as any of the above adjectives, it's probably best to avoid posting it.   Do Not Break the Law - We respect the law of the land at Grandparents.com. Do not violate any laws, statutes, ordinances or regulations.   Do Not Post or Solicit Personally Identifiable Information - We encourage you to be open in sharing your experiences, thoughts, and opinions. With that said, it's important to keep some things to yourself. Do not publicly post or solicit any personally identifiable information. This includes last names, Grandparents.com passwords, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and mailing or home addresses.   Do Not Impersonate Others - As we said above, we want you to be yourself. Do not do anything to impersonate anyone, including another Grandparents.com member or staff member.   Do Not Interfere With Others - Do not do anything that will interfere with other users' ability to fully enjoy Grandparents.com. This includes posts that are commercial or promotional in nature or anything that would interfere with the proper functionality of any computer or the Grandparents.com service.
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