What is the "Post As Anonymous" feature and how do I use it?

By LaToyaADMIN in F.A.Q,
The feature was created to give users seeking advice a safer option to use. The feature is open to registered Grandparents.com members, moderators and admin. Anonymous is enabled in all subforums under "Family Matters" and "Grandparenting." It is also available for users in 50 Shades of Blue and The Great Debate. When used, the post is attributed to a catch-all account with the username INCOGNITO.  INCOGNITO does not below to any one user. Please do not PM the account.  How do I use it? You may start a topic or reply to another user's post by choosing the "Post as anonymous" option on the bottom left of the topic reply box  (see photo below)  How anonymous is it? To other members, 100% anonymous. However, moderators and admins can see which users post as anonymous.   What if there are more than one anonymous user in a topic? The feature generates a "hash" (see photo below) from each anonymous poster in that specific thread. Incog user A will have a different hash from Incog user B. This lets other members know that there is more than one person posting anonymously.    As an general rule: If two posts have the same hash in them, then you can be sure it's the same user. If two posts have different hashes they are, for the most part, posted from two different users.  Note: anonymous posts are moderated the same as identified posts. The moderators and admin WILL see every person who posts as anonymous, so you cannot hide behind an anonymous post. Users can report anonymous posts.   Can I reply anonymously to my own anonymous topic? Yes, BUT you need to check the "Post as Anonymous" feature EVERY TIME you reply if want it to be anonymous. There is no fix for mods and admins to make your post anonymous once you've already posted it under your regular username. However, we can delete your post. 
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